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Mad Dog beat SB 1, Brandon Collins beat J.T. LaMotta to retain the PCW Cruiserweight Title, Franco D’Angelo beat Aaron Eagle in a Dark Circle Rules Match, Mace Malone beat Luke Bronson to qualify for the Fantastic Four Match, Wally Darkmon beat Nobe Bryant in a TLC Match to retain the PCW Heavyweight Title


The following, except for the dark match, was taped for airing in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on the Lone Star Channel, as well as worldwide distribution via SmartVideo and release on DVD, with Ring Announcer Travis Baxter, TV Commentators Rob Moore and Attorney-At-Law Paul Lewis and the PCW Knockouts.


MAD DOG beat SB 1 by pinfall with a spear

Nobe Bryant came out, visibly upset about losing the PCW World Heavyweight Title to Wally Darkmon last week at Shock & Awe. He called Darkmon a cheater and said he would regain the belt.

On the screens, the Dark Circle appeared. Tim Storm, Apocalypse and Franco D’Angelo covered Aaron Eagle deciding not to join their group, Apocalypse having a Fantastic Four qualifying match next week against Mike Foxx, and D’Angelo having a Dark Circle Rules Match later against Eagle and a shot at the World Heavyweight Title next week.



LaMOTTA by pinfall with a springboard 450 splash to retain the belt –Very technical match between the two, and LaMotta came very close to becoming the champion, but Collins found an opening and hit his splash for the win.

On the screens, Mike Foxx and Claudia, Foxx’s “Angel Of Mercy,” appeared, with Foxx saying that, now that Action Jackson is out of the way, he was going to concentrate on next week’s Fantastic Four qualifiying match against the fire-breathing Apocalypse and then going on to the Fantastic Four Match itself, in which the reigning World Heavyweight Champion will defend against three other competitors.

Mace Malone came to the ring and briefly mentioned his Fantastic Four qualifier later against Luke Bronson, but he also talked about Action Jackson being burned last week by Mike Foxx. He said that Jackson was his mentor and the man who trained him for professional wrestling, and that Jackson WILL be back.


“The BEAST” FRANCO D’ANGELO beat “The SUCCESS STORY IN THE MAKING” AARON EAGLE by pinfall with the Decapitator (TKO) –A large barrel and a wheelbarrowful of weapons were brought out, as Dark Circle Rules means anything goes. However, Apocalypse, Tim Storm and Robert Evans were all barred from the building during this match. Both men used the weapons to their advantage, but D’Angelo’s superior power proved to be more than a match for Eagle. Eagle brought a metal road sign into the ring, but it proved to be his undoing when D’Angelo gave him the Decapitator onto the sign to get the 1-2-3.


MACE MALONE beat LUKE BRONSON by pinfall with the Detonator (three-step

neckbreaker) to qualify for the match

–Bronson focused his attack on Malone’s left knee and nearly had the former SWAT Team Demolitions member down for the count. When Bronson went for the Trouble In Paradise (full Nelson slam), Malone countered and hit his Detonator to get the win and advance to the Fantastic Four Match, to be held on June 23.

Backstage, Mike Foxx and Claudia crossed paths with Wally Darkmon. Like last week, Foxx mockingly applauded Darkmon becoming PCW World Heavyweight Champion and looked forward to going for the title in the Fantastic Four Match.

A video of highlights (and lowlights) announced that Jiggle-O James Johnson will appear at the arena next week, just weeks after suffering internal injuries at the hands of Colossus.

PCW FULL THROTTLE MAIN EVENT–PCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH, TABLES, LADDERS & CHAIRS Champion WALLY DARKMON beat “The REAL DEAL” NOBE BRYANT by pinfall with an inside cradle to retain the belt –Tables, ladders and chairs were all legal, and victory could only come via pinfall or submission. Bryant wasted no time, attacking Darkmon while he was still at the top of the ramp. The former champion battered Darkmon with ladders and chairs before bringing a table into the ring. No one went through the table, though, as it was propped up in one corner. Bryant ran Darkmon’s head into a ladder, opening up a huge gash and causing blood to start pouring out. Out of nowhere, Darkmon caught Bryant in an inside cradle and scored the victory before being rushed to the back for medical attention. Bryant grabbed the title belt and siad he was the winner and champion, which was clearly not the case. Darkmon was rushed to the hospital with a reported four-to-six-inch gash in his head, down to his skull, requiring many stitches.

PCW Full Throttle’s next show will be on Saturday, June 16 at PCW Arena.

Bell time is 8 p.m. There will be two more Fantastic Four qualifying matches, with Robert Evans vs. Tim Storm and Apocalypse vs. Mike Foxx. Also, Wally Darkmon is scheduled to defend the PCW World Heavyweight Title against Franco D’Angelo. More matches are to be signed.

The Fantastic Four Match will be held at PCW Arena on Saturday, June 23.

Thus far, Mace Malone and whomever the reigning Heavyweight Champion is at that time will compete, along with the winners of next week’s qualifying matches.

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Submitted by ROB MOORE, The Voice of PCW

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