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  • February 23, 2001–Impact Championship Wrestling: Amazing Red defeated Abunai..
  • April 27, 2001–ICW: Divine defeated Abunai..
  • May 18, 2001–Jersey All Pro Wrestling: Ric Blade defeated Abunai..
  • May 26, 2001–ICW: Low Ki defeated Abunai..
  • July 20, 2001–Jersey All Pro Wrestling: Amazing Red defeated Abunai..
  • August 18, 2001–JAPW: Prince Nana defeated Abunai..
  • August 25, 2001–ICW: The S.A.T defeated Abunai & Divine to retain the ICW tag team titles..
  • September 14, 2001–ICW: Damian Dragon defeated Abunai..
  • November 30, 2001–ICW: Low Ki defeated Abunai and Ghost Shadow in a 3-WAY..
  • April 6, 2002–East Coast Wrestling Association: Kid Kruel defeated Abunai..
  • April 26, 2002–Impact Championship Wrestling: Tom Marquez & Damian Dragon defeated Abunai & Stryker..
  • May 4, 2002–ECWA: Abunai & Mozart Fontaine & Xero defeated Ruffhouse Rivera & Ryan Wing & Inferno..
  • June 16, 2002–MLW: Ultra Toro Jr. & Prince Nana & Super Hentai beat Abunai & Rising Sun & Devon Storm..
  • November 2, 2002–Assault Championship Wrestling: Del Tsunami beat Abunai and Scotty Charisma and Jim Nastic in a 4-WAY..
  • December 1, 2002–ACW: The Panther Brothers beat Abunai & Wicked and Mike Xylas & Red Hot Russ in a 3-WAY Tag Match..
  • March 14, 2003–ACW: Jim Nastic defeated Abunai..
  • November 23, 2003–Connecticut Championship Wrestling: Damian Adams defeated Abunai..
  • September 26, 2004: Dave Cole defeaed Abunai and Wiqued and Spider in a 4-WAY to win the Northeast title..



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