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Ace Crusader

Title History


  • SCW North Carolina title defeating Ceasar Augustus (March 2002);
  • 2002 SCW Rookie of The Year (2002);
  • PCW Cruiserweight title defeating Scab (June 2002);
  • SCW Tag Team titles w/Dexter Poindexter defeating Brad Hunter & Shawn Alexander (November 2003);


Career Highlights


  • October 1999: As Seymour Snott, debuted with his ‘brother’ George C. for APW..
  • ~~~George C. retired and was replaced with ‘Big’ Peter Snott in 2001..
  • February 2001: Frankie Kazarian & Smooth Billy D & The Prototype defeated Seymour & Peter Snott & Sean Patrick O’Doule..
  • June 2001: Seymour & Peter Snott & Dalip Singh defeated “Team UPW” (Frankie Kazarian, Ryan Sakoda & Samoa Joe)..
  • Moved to North Carolina..
  • March 2002: Seymour Snott defeated Ceasar Augustus to capture the SCW North Carolina Championship..
  • May 2002: Seymour Snott defeated and retired ‘Evil Nerd’ Mervin Snead in a Silicon Valley Streetfight..
  • Summer of 2003: Seymour Snott retired Giant Vermillion..
  • November 2003: Seymour Snott & Dexter Poindexter w/U.S. Snott defeated Sex, Love & Money for SCW Tag Team titles..
  • As Adam West, he lost a match to LAW Champion Money Mike on Television..
  • Fall of 2004: Debuted as The Ace Crusader..
  • November 2004 – Final SCW Show: The Ace Crusader defeated Rico Rage and Brian Perry in a 3-WAY to retain North Carolina title..
  • March 2005 – Final ICW Show: The Ace Crusader defeated Malakai..
  • May 7, 2005–Mark Curtis Memorial: The Ace Crusader participated in the Battle Royal at the 2005 Mark Curtis Memorial event..
  • April 19, 2006–Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment: Krazy K defeated Ace Crusader..



Social Media


Trained By

Mike Modest
Donovan Morgan
Frank Murdoch
Vinny Massaro


October 1999


May 10


Oakland, California





210 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Snott Drop/Unprettier
Cross-Face Batwing

Favorite Move(s)

Butterfly Suplex
Forearm Smash
Front Enziguri
Reverse DDT
Running Bulldog

Notable Feuds

The Ballard Brothers
The Giant Vermillion
Ceasar Augustus
Sex, Love, and Money
Mervin Snead