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Andy Boy Simmonz

Title History


  • Italian Tag Team titles w/James Tighe ();
  • FWA British Tag Team titles w/Duke of Danger -as Hampton Court- ();
  • NCW European title ();
  • CWC All In title ();


Career Highlights

2002: Frontier Wrestling Alliance:

  • 2001-2002 – FWA Academy: Andy Simmonz was undefeated in his first 18 months in the FWA Academy..
  • ~~~He defeated the likes of James Tighe and Mark Sloan before losing to Justin Richards..
  • 2002 – FWA Academy: After a successful tour with The Wrestling Alliance, Andy Simmons returned to the FWA Academy..
  • ~~~He was more aggressive, but did not pick up a single win on the following brand of shows..
  • 2002 – FWA: Andy Simmons accompanied Duke of Danger to the ring as his butler for Duke’s matches with Hade Vansen and others..
  • December 15 2002 – FWA Season’s Beatings: Andy Simmons/Duke of Danger/Mark Sloan beat Hade Vansen/Chris Justice/Raj Ghosh..2003: Frontier Wrestling Alliance:
  • Early 2003 – FWA: Andy Simmonz was entered into a Round Robin tournament to determine the 1st FWA Academy Champion..
  • ~~~Andy Simmonz defeated Paul Burchill, but only picked up 2 points (James Tighe won the tournament)..
  • ~~~Andy Boy Simmonz ended Paul Birchill’s winning streak in Frontier Wrestling Alliance..
  • 2003 – TWA (The Wrestling Alliance) Tour: Andy Simmonz won matches against Doug Williams and the Flatliner, among others..
  • ~~~He also wrestled two of his heroes, Robbie Brookside and Jody Fleisch..
  • March 16th 2003 – FWA Crunch: Andy Simmons defeated Raj Ghosh..
  • June 22 2003 – FWA Vendetta: Burchill defeated Mark Sloan & Andy Simmons w/Duke of Danger & Buttercup by knockout..
  • October 18 2003 – FWA British Uprising II: Burchill defeated Hampton Court in a Handicap Match..
  • November 2003 – Premier Promotions: Raj Ghosh defeated Andy Simmons 2-1..2004: Frontier Wrestling Alliance / British Wrestling:
  • January 2004 – Italian Championship Wrestling: Andy Simmonz was entered into a four-man tournament to decide the ICW Champion..
  • ~~~~Andy Simmonz defeated Burchill by count-out thanks to a hired gand of Italian wrestlers called the Foreign Legion..
  • ~~~~Andy Simmonz lost the finals to popular Italian wrestler The Red Devil..
  • January 17, 2004 – FWA Academy: Eamon Shrahan defeated Andy Simmons by knocking him unconscious with a piledriver..
  • ~~~Afterwards, Andy Simmonz thanked the fans for their support over the years, but Shrahan hit him with the title belt!
  • February 2004 – All Star Wrestling: Andy Simmons defeated Paul Travell..
  • March 2004 – FWA New Frontiers: Andy Simmons & Burchill defeated Stevie Knight & Jorge Castano in a #1 Contenders match..
  • April 11, 2004 – FWA Crunch: The Family tried and failed to recruit Andy Simmons..
  • ~~~Raj Ghosh hit a DDT on the maid Buttercup, leading to the Duke of Danger challenging the Family to a tag team title match..
  • May 2004 – EWF: Andy Simmons defeated Eamon O’Neill (formerly Shrahan) in a trophy tournament semi-final..
  • ~~~Andy Simmons later defeated Tommy Stevens in a Tables Match to win the trophy!
  • June 2004 – FWA Carpe Diem: Andy Simmonz w/Buttercup defeated Burchill by count-out after Drew McDonald attacked Burchill..
  • July 2004 – FWA Vendetta: Hampton Court w/Buttercup defeated The Family to become FWA Tag Team Champions!
  • Summer 2004 – Premier Promotions: Aviv Maayan defeated Andy Simmons in a 25-minute match..
  • September 5 2004 – FWA Hotwired: Mark Sloan defeated Any Simmons..
  • October 2004 – All Star Promotions: Hade Vansen & ‘Five Star Flash’ Mark Belton beat The Irish Connection (Andy & Eamon O’Neill)..
  • November 13 2004 – FWA BU3: Hampton Court w/Buttercup defeated Stevie Knight & Mark Sloan to retain the Tag Team titles..
  • November 21 2004 – IPW:UK Show 2: Robbie Brookside defeated The International Man Of Mystery 2-1 in a British Rules match..
  • ~~~After the match the Man of Mystery was unmasked as Andy Boy Simmonz, but Brookside was then attacked by Stevie Douglas..
  • ~~~~~~Stevie Douglas said that he was the real International Man of Mystery..2005: Frontier Wrestling Alliance / IPW: UK / British Wrestling:
  • January 23, 2005 – IPW UK Best Of British 1: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated Red Devil.
  • Andy Simmons missed FWA Gold Rush’04 & New Frontiers’05 due to relapses of the cystic fibrosis he suffered since childhood..
  • March 20, 2005 – IPW UK Return Of The Dragon: Andy Boy Simmonz won a Four Way Elimination Match..
  • March 24, 2005–IPW UK: Andy Boy Simmonz won four-way over Paul Robinson and Kid Regis and Jake..
  • April 4, 2004–Premier Promotions: Mal Sanders defeated Andy Simmons..
  • July 16, 2005–IPW UK: Harry Smith & Andy Boy Simmonz defeated James Tighe & Richards..
  • July 28, 2005–Premier Promotions: Kris Kay & Andy Simmonz defeated Aviv Mayaan & Max Voltage..
  • August 27, 2005–Frontier Wrestling Alliance: Alex Shane defeated Andy Simmonz..
  • September 25, 2005–IPW:UK First Anniversary Show: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated James Tighe..
  • October 23, 2005–Combat Sports Federation: Justin Richards defeated Andy Boy Simmonz..
  • October 24, 2005–Premier Promotions: Andy Simmons defeated Phil Powers..
  • November 13, 2005–IPW:UK: Jody Fleisch/Andy Boy Simmonz/Leroy Kincaide beat Jonny Storm/Martin Stone/Dave Moralez..
  • November 24, 2005–Premier Promotions: Phil Powers defeated Andy Boy Simmonz to win Premier Light Heavyweight title.
  • January 28, 2006–IPW:UK: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated “The Wonderkid” Jonny Storm in a #1 Contenders match..2006: Frontier Wrestling Alliance / IPW: UK / 1 Pro Wrestling / British Wrestling:
  • February 13, 2006–Premiere Promotions: Jace the Ace & Lee Darren defeated Andy Boy Simmonz & James Tighe..
  • February 19, 2006–Pro Wrestling Guerrilla in Europe: Frankie Kazarian defeated Andy Boy Simmonz..
  • April 24, 2006 – RAW: Goldust & Gene Snitsky defeated Eric Swartz & Andrew Simmons on HEAT..
  • April 28, 2006 – SmackDown!: Matt Hardy defeated Andy Simmons in a match taped for Velocity..
  • April 30, 2006–IPW UK: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated Harry “Bulldog” Smith…..
  • April 30, 2006–FWA NOAH Limits: Charlie Rage defeated Andy Simmonz……….
  • May 26, 2006–1PW: A.J. Styles & Chris Daniels beat Lance Storm & Andy Simmonz (Quarter-Final Tournament match)..
  • May 27, 2006–1 Pro Wrestling: Andy Boy Simmons defeated Chad Collyer … … … … … … … … … …
  • June 4, 2006–Fighting Spirit Federation: Andy Boy Simmonz (GB) defeated Ricky Knight (GB)… … … … … …
  • July 1, 2006–1 Pro Wrestling: Takao Omori defeated Andy Boy Simmonz..
  • July ??, 2006–Best of British Wrestling: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated Rocker Richards and Jay Knox in a 3-WAY … …
  • July 21, 2006–FWA:Academy: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated Joel Redman..
  • July 29, 2006–1 Pro Wrestling: Darren Burridge defeated Andy Boy Simmonz by Submission..
  • August 19, 2006–IPW UK: Tracy Smothers & Kris Linnell & Maximum Head beat Andy Simmonz & Aviv Mayaan & The New Breed..
  • August 19, 2006–1 Pro Wrestling: Martin Stone defeated Andy Boy Simmonz w/Domino (two times in a row)..
  • August 20, 2006–IPW UK: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated Bad Bones…..2007: 1 Pro Wrestling + 15 minutes of fame on RAW:
  • April 20, 2007–Real Quality Wrestling: Andy Boy Simmonz defeated Darren Burridge
  • June 29, 2007–1 Pro Wrestling: The Iron Lions (Andy Simmonz & James Tighe) participated in a Scramble for the Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The Dragon Hearts beat Iron Lions and BritRage and Pain Inc. and The Chavs and Mad Man Manson for the 1PW Tag Titles..
  • June 30, 2007–1 Pro Wrestling: The Dragon Hearts (Luke Phoenix & Spud) won a 4-WAY to retain 1PW Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~The Dragon Hearts beat Mark Sloan & Wade Fitzgerald and Andy Simmonz & James Tighe and Takeshi Rikio & Ippei Ota..
  • August 18, 2007–1PW: The Iron Lions beat Kishin Kawabata & Kentaro Shiga and Mark Sloan & Wade Fitzgerald in a 3-WAY..
  • October 13, 2007–1PW: Southern Comfort (Tracy Smothers & Chris Hamrick) beat Iron Lions (Andy Simmonz & James Tighe)..
  • October 15, 2007–RAW: Vince McMahon presented Umaga in a demonstration with British wrestler Andy Simmonz as the victim..
  • ~~~Umaga beat Simmonz in a Street Fight | Umaga beat Simmonz in a First Blood match | Umaga beat Simmonz in a Cage Match!
  • October 27, 2007–PWG European Vacation II : Andy Simmonz defeated James Tighe in Portsmouth, England…2008: 1 Pro Wrestling:




Social Media


Trained By

Mark Sloan (FWA Academy)


January 20, 2001


May 21, 1984


Petersfield, Hampshire, UK






Finishing Move(s)

Butler Blockbuster (FWA)
Running Powerslam (Indy)

Favorite Move(s)

Delayed suplex
Swinging Neckbreaker
Simmonz Roll (victory roll)

Notable Feuds

Paul Birchill
Eamon O'Neill