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Andy Robins

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Career Highlights


  • Andy Robin and his wife Maggie owned a ‘wrestling bear’ named Hercules who also appeared in Disney films and documentaries..
  • ~~~Andy Robin’s bear (Hercules) wrestled with Roger Moore in the popular James Bond movie “Octopussy”..
  • ~~~Hercules caddied for comedian Bob Hope at the Scottish golf course of Gleneagles and appeared on several American talk shows..
  • ~~~1980: Hercules ‘escaped’ while filming a Kleenex commercial on the Outer Hebrides Islands off Scotland..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~This event made headlines and turned Hercules into an international superstar, after he was found three weeks later!
  • ~~~Hercules was once named ‘Personality of the Year’ by the Scottish Tourist Board and received a telegram from Ronald Reagan..
  • Andy Robin apparently set some sort of record at one stage in Canada by pinning Bull Johnson in about 6 seconds..
  • Andy Robin had a lumber cutting business back in Scotland & had a guy working for him while he was on the road wrestling..
  • ~~~They were out on a loch in Andy’s boat when a build up of gases in the bilges caused it to explode hurling them 20 feet away!
  • ~~~Andy’s back was all burnt & his arms & legs bleeding badly but he managed to swim ashore with his seriously injured mate..
  • ~~~They ran over a mile to a remote cottage to get help but his mate died later as the police & ambulance couldn’t get to the area..
  • ~~~The officers had to hack their way through thick bush to get to him..



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