Ann Gunkel


Career Highlights

  • Ann Gunkel took over from her husband, Ray Gunkle, when he died as promoter of the Georgia territory..
  • November 24, 1972: Ann Gunkel’s All South Wrestling Alliance held its first card with a double main event in Georgia..
  • ~~~Argentina Apollo losing to Ox Baker and El Mongol and Tommy Seigler beating the Hollywood Blondes by DQ..
  • February 16, 1987: Ann Gunkel passed away from Cancer..
  • ~~~Buried next to her late husband, Ray Gunkle, at Arlington Memorial Park in Sandy Springs, Georgia..

    Robert Louis Howell: The night Tom Renesto unmasked in front of the cameras on Georgia Championship Wrestling TV Ann Gunkel was in the audience. Commentator Ed Capral pointed her out as Ray Gunkels widow. In a couple of weeks both Renesto and Capral would be in the All South Wrestling Alliance with Ann Gunkel heading the new outlaw promotion. Guest commentator Tommy Siegler was slack jawed at Renestos unmasking. He too would follow Ann And Renesto into All South and would stay for its entire run.