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Argentina Rocca

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Article: The First High Flier

Title History

  • NWA (Capitol) International Heavyweight title defeating ?????????? (????, 1948);
  • NWA Texas Heavyweight title defeating Dizzy Davis (August 6, 1948);
  • AWA (Ohio) World Heavyweight title defeating Buddy Rogers (March 5, 1953);
  • MAC (Montreal) International Heavyweight title defeating Killer Kowalski (May 12, 1954);
  • NWA (New York) World Tag Team titles w/Jose Miguel Perez defeating Don & Jackie Fargo (March 30, 1957);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) North American Tag Team titles w/Jose Miguel Perez beat The Infernos (September 11, 1976);

Career Highlights

Argintina Rocca:

  • Antonino Rocca was one of the greatest fan favorites of all-time with his high flying acrobatics during his matches..

Argintina Rocca – Other Stuff:

  • 1960s: Argintina Rocca endorsed (but did not sing in) a popular LP called “In This Corner, The Musical World Of Argentina Rocca”..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~There was a photo of him doing a dropkick on the cover of the album..
  • Antonino Rocca was “killed”, playing a murder victim knifed to death by a psycho in the 70s film, “Alice, Sweet, Alice”..
  • ~~~While this scene was used in the theatres it was edited out of some video and tv versions of the movie..

The Death of Argintina Rocca:

  • March 15, 1977: Antonino Rocca passed away..
  • Antonino Rocca was an accomplished singer and music lover — he was also an avid cigar smoker..
  • Antonino Rocca was inducted into the World Wrestling Federation Hall of Fame — His wife gave an emotional acceptance speech..
  • Antonino Rocca was famous for stating “I will still be wrestling when I’m 75 years old and will be living to 150.” He did neither..
  • Antonino Rocca’s body was viewed at the Campbell’s Funeral Home at 81st & Madison in New York City..
  • ~~~However, the body was cremated and the ashes kept by the family instead of buried..

    Michelle Steiner sent in these comments: He and Miguel Perez were the first recognized tag team champions in the ancestry of the WWE/WWF/WWWF, back in the days of Capitol Wrestling. Their most notable feud was with Jerry and Eddie Graham. Rocca was also involved in the Madison Square Garden riot of (I think; I may be a year or so off) 1957; this riot made the cover of LIFE magazine.


Eric Rocca wrote (2011): I just wanted to say thank you for such a great article on a great man….my father. I’m so proud to see that he is STILL held in such regard all these years later. Not a day goes by that we, his family, don’t miss him. An athlete in the true sense of the word. Thank you.


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Trained By

Stanislaus Zbysko


1942 in South America


April 13, 1927 - March 15, 1977


Treviso, Italy





220 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Argentine Backbreaker

Favorite Move(s)

Airplane Spin

Notable Feuds

Jack Dillon
Eduardo Perez
Mighty Atlas
Jack Vansky
Gino Garabalid
Marco Polo
Karl Von Hess
Hans Schmidt
Don Stevens
Eddie Graham
Jerry Graham
Dick the Bruiser