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Arman Hussian

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Title History

  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Shag Thomas defeating Mad Russian and Stan Stasiak (August 27, 1965);
  • NWA (Vancouver) Canadian Tag Team titles w/Abdullah the Butcher defeating Haystacks Calhoun and Don Leo Jonathan (July 1, 1968);
  • NWA (Gulf Coast) Mississippi Heavyweight title defeating Spoiler (July 18, 1972);
  • NWA (Gulf Coast) Mississippi Heavyweight title defeating Spoiler (October 23, 1972);
  • NWA (Gulf Coast) Mississippi Heavyweight title defeating Wrestling Pro (April 16, 1973);
  • SCW Western States Heavyweight title defeating Eddie Sullivan to become 1st champion (October 22, 1973);
  • NWA (Tri State) North American Heavyweight title defeating Bull Ramos (July 29, 1974);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) Caribbean Heavyweight title defeating Invader I (July 15, 1978);
  • NWA (World Class) American Tag Team titles w/Killer Brooks defeating Brian Blair and Al Madril (September 1981);

Career Highlights

  • 1960s/70s: Arman Hussian had a lengthy run in Arizona, holding varied tag team titles with Tito Montez and others.
  • Arman Hussian did a stint in Portland teaming with Abdullah The Butcher and he himself as “Hussian The Butcher”.
  • Arman Hussian formed a tag team with Samba Lamumba in California.
  • March 15, 1982 – WCCW Star Wars: Jose Lothario vs Arman Hussein ended in a DRAW.
  • 1982: Arman Hussian formed a faction with Gary Hart known as “HandH Limited” in World Class Championship Wrestling.
  • ~~~Together they managed Kabuki, Magic Dragon, Bill Irwin, Bugsy McGraw, Frank Dusek, Checkmate, The Spoiler, and others.
  • ~~~King Kong Bundy went on strike from HandH and joined Scandar Akbar’s Devestation Inc group.
  • ~~~Arman Hussian recruited The Great Yatsu from Japan who defeated Bundy in a Loser Leaves Town Match.
  • ~~~The Superfly (Ray Candy in a mask) also spent time with HandH Limited.
  • August 15, 1982 – WCCW Star Wars: Bugsy McGraw defeated Gary Hart and Armand Hussein in a “Handicap” match.
  • By late 1982, Gary Hart rarely appeared and Arman Hussein pretty much exclusively managed the group.
  • June 17, 1983 – WCCW Star Wars: Kimala beat Arman Hussein and Tola Yatsu and Mike Bond in a “Loser Leaves Town” match.
  • January ??, 2008: Mike “Arman Hussian” Barber passed away in Dallas, Texas (where he had retired in the Late 80s).



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Trained By




July 3, 1946


Originally from Alabama
Billed from Sudan
Retired in Houston, Texas





240 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Desert Crab (Indian Death Lock)

Favorite Move(s)


Notable Feuds

Bill Wright
Joe Pazandak
Killer Kane
Dick Dunn
Hans Steiner
Kangaroo Bob Karson
Don Arnold
Din Kent
Gene Dubuque
Tony Borne
Bugsy McGraw
Jack Ringer
Eddie Sullivan
Rip Tyler
The Comacharos
Jose Lothario
Otto Von Krupp
Lord Landsdowne
Devestation Inc.