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Art Barr

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Detailed Art Barr Biography..

Title History


  • NWA Pacific Northwest Television title won a Battle Royal (November 21, 1987);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Big Juice (aka Jeff Warner) defeating ???????? (March 31, 1990);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Big Juice defeating Curtis Thompson & Ricky Santana (June 23, 1990);
  • NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles w/Jesse Barr defeating Don & Ron Harris (January 19, 1992);
  • CWUSA Northwest Tag Team titles w/Konnan El Barbaro defeating Tazmanian Devil & Polynesian Prince (January 9, 1993);
  • AAA World Tag Team titles w/Eddy Guerrero defeating Octagon & El Hijo del Santo (July 23, 1994);


Career Highlights

In The Beginning

  • Art Barr came from a family of wrestlers: Sandy “Ferrin” Barr (his father) and brothers Jesse Barr (Jimmy Jack Funk) and Shawn Barr.
  • Art Barr was an amature wrestler at the Oregon State University before turning “pro”..
  • ~~~Art Barr achieved great success as he was 4 time District champion and 2 time State champion in Portland..
  • ~~~Art Barr had to quit the University when his first wife became pregnant..
  • Art Barr (aged 12) met Roddy Piper (who at the time was wrestling in Oregon) who used to take him to the gym..
  • Art Barr started to work in a steel mill during the day, while training to became a wrestler at night..Getting into the Business
  • Art Barr started to wrestle for his father’s promotion as “Arthur Barr” and also wrestled as “The Intruder”..
  • ~~~During a Television Taping, Arthur was in the ring, Roddy Piper and 3 other wrestlers entered the ring..
  • ~~~They covered him with a sheet, striped him naked throwing his clothes to the crowd and put him in a new outfit..
  • ~~~Roddy Piper then said: “Now I have created The Beetlejuice, the meanest little son-of-a-gun that I have ever seen”..
  • ~~~Roddy Piper took off the sheet and there was Art Barr, standing there with his new gimmick — Beetlejuice!
  • Art Barr formed a tag team with J.W. Storm (Jeff Warner)as the “Juice Patrol”..World Championship Wrestling
  • Art Barr signed with the WCW in the late 1990, and kept the Beetlejuice gimmick, but renamed to The Juicer for copyright reasons..
  • After some problems with the law, Art Barr left World Championship Wrestlingand headed to Mexico..EMLL and the American Love Machine
  • Early 1991: Art Barr popped up in the Mexican promotion EMLL (where Konnan worked)..
  • For almost two years, he wrestled there as the American Love Machine, as an American masked tecnico wrestler..
  • Art Barr had two try-outs with the WWF but they didn’t sign him..AAA
  • Art Barr returned to Mexico’s newly formed AAA promotion..
  • Art Barr engaged in a war with a wrestler named “the Blue Panther”..
  • Art Barr challenged Panther to a hair vs. mask match in Los Angeles, California, which he lost his mask..
  • ~~~This match has been one of the most important matches in Barr’s career..
  • ~~~After that match he turned rudo and became the hottest ticket on Mexican lucha libre..
  • Late 1993: Art Barr joined forces with Eddie Guerrero and formed La Pareja del Terror..
  • ~~~Konnan joined them and they formed the legendary stable called “Los Gringos Locos“..
  • ~~~Other wrestlers joined them: Black Cat, Madonna’s Boyfriend (Louie Spicolli), Misterioso, Chicano Power and King Lion..
  • Love Machine & Eddie Guerrero feuded with El Hijo del Santo and Octagon..
  • ~~~The feud that was culminated in a hair vs. masks match in the first ever lucha libre only PPV..
  • ~~~November 6 “When Worlds Collide”: El Hijo del Santo and Octagon defeated La Pareja del Terror, who were shaven bald!
  • ~~~With the PPV, Barr gained worldwide exposure, and he was destined to stardom..Art Barr’s Final Days
  • ECW was very interested in Art Barr & Eddie Guerrero coming into the company to feud with their top tag team Public Enemy..
  • Amazingly, at the same time, WWF, WCW and New Japan also showed interest in the tag team of Guerrero & Barr..
  • November 23, 1994: Art Barr was found dead laying with his baby child at his home in Springfield, Oregon..
  • Preliminary reports said that he died of a aneurysm, but later reports said that he died under unknown circumstances..
  • Art did not have heart problems, no aneurysm or internal bleeding, no ring injuries and no illegal substance of his body..
  • There are two theories of his death..
  • 1) He had a missing vertebrae on his neck from birth that made two vertebrae press against each other, causing his lungs to stop..
  • 2) There could have been some bad mixing of different substances..



Social Media


Trained By

Sandy Barr
Roddy Piper


April 2, 1987


October 8, 1966


Portland, Oregon





240 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Frog Splash
The Tombstone

Favorite Move(s)

Belly-to-belly Suplex

Notable Feuds

Blue Panther
El Hijo del Santo