Title History


Career Highlights

As Michael Slone:

  • January 2003: Mark Montana defeated Michael Slone in a “double debut” match..
  • ~~~D.C Flip hit Michael Slone in the back of the head with a chair, knocking him unconscious..
  • Febuary 2003: Michael Slone defeated Harry “From Hell” via countout in the semi finals of the “Rumble Tournament”..
  • ~~~Mark Montana defeated Michael Slone in the finals of the “Rumble Tournament”
  • ~~~Michael Slone is eliminated from “The Rumble” after entering 4th by Ace Dagger…
  • ~~~Note: Michael Slone wrestled 3 times in one card..
  • May 2003: Harry “From Hell” defeated Michael Slone & Devil Dude in a 3 Way match..As Joel Bateman:
  • September 25, 2003: Hurricane Heath Fury defeated Joel Bateman..
  • September 26, 2003: LiMiT defeated Harry “From Hell” & Joel Bateman in a handicap match..
  • ~~~Note: Joel Bateman dislocated his shoulder in the match..As Bateman (post shoulder injury):
  • November 2003: Ravnos & Daniel Swagger defeated Bateman & [email protected]
  • ~~~After the match, Damon Hardy ran out and attacked Bateman & [email protected]
  • December 2003: The Originalz were formed on this night, a team combining Hurricane Heath Fury & Bateman..
  • ~~~Japan Man & Psychotic defeated Harry “From Hell” & Steve Sensation and The Originalz..
  • ~~~Harry “From Hell” reinjured Bateman’s shoulder in this match..
  • January 2, 2004: The Originalz change their team name to the “Bloodstained Saints”..
  • January 17, 2004: Pyro defeated Bateman (Ravnos came down after, and hit the R.I.P on Bateman)..