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Beverly Shade


Title History


  • NWA Women’s Tag Team titles w/Natasha defeating Sherry Lee & Ann Casey (August 1979 in Memphis Tennessee);
  • All-star Wrestling Women’s title defeating Ann Quimby (1968);
  • All-star Wrestling Women’s title defeating Despina Montages (1985);
  • IWA Women’s Tag Team titles w/Tracy Richards defeating Judy Martin & Winona Little Heart (1986);


Career Highlights


  • Beverly Shade made her professional wrestling debut in Lakeland Florida wrestling for Cowboy Luttrel………
  • Beverly Shade participated in many mixed tag team matches with her husband Billy Blue River (Bill Wenhold)…..
  • She wrestled as “Beverly Shade” her entire career except for some mixed tag matches as Beverly Blue River..
  • Beverly Shade placed third in the biggest Women’s wrestling tournament ever held in Lagos Nigeria Africa..
  • Beverly Shade formed a tag team with Tracy Richards known as “The Arm & Hammer Connection“..
  • Bill & Beverly Wenhold promoted wrestling for 16 years holding shows in Florida, Georgia & Caribbean Islands..January 10, 2007 (An email from Billy Wenhold): To all of you who know me and who may not.I am Beverly’s husband Billy.I can only write this once to all.Beverly suffered a stroke this morning that has left her with a speech problem and a problem with her right side functions.She is in Baptist Memorial hospital Desoto room 825.I have never asked anyone for this.Please say a little prayer,she is my whole life and what I live for.

    January 11, 2007 (An update from Billy Wenhold): I just came from the hospital.Yesterday Bevs blood pressure continued to rise from 126 to 200 over 90.Last night it continued to fall it is now 126 over 67.She has regained the use of Her arm and leg and her speech is good as she gave me all kind of heck for telling everyone.as you know her giving me heck is a good sign.One test revealed she had a prior stroke,we are awaiting test results to find out why.I know she is mad at me for telling about her illness but some miracle has happened in 24hrs.I will upate and thanks to all of you. SHE IS STILL NOT OUT OF THE WOODS BUT SHE HAS PASSED MANY TREES. BILLY

  • Special thank you to Beverly Shade for helping out with the construction and completion of this profile…



Social Media


Trained By

Ella Waldeck




March 21,1936


Nashville, Tennessee
Resides in Southaven, Mississippi





145 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

The Hammer (Top-rope Ax-handle)

Favorite Move(s)

Indian death lock
Short Arm Scissors
Full-body Scissors
Russian leg sweep
Single Arm-bar
The Full Nelson

Notable Feuds

Wenona Littleheart
Sherri Lee
Rachael Dubois
Peggy Patterson
Barbara Owens
Belle Starr
Carmen Monge
Judy Martin
Alma Mills
Terrible Ted (Wrestling Bear)