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Billy Darnell

[2004 CAC Honoree: Billy Darnell]

[Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame]

[SLAM! Article by Steven Johnson]

Title History


  • (Jack Pfeffer promotions) World Heavyweight title defeating Buddy Rogers (October 26, 1948);
  • NWA (Chicago/Indianapolis) World Tag Team titles w/Bill Melby defeating James Blears & Martino Angelo (July 25, 1953);
  • NWA (Chicago/Indianapolis) World Tag Team titles w/Bill Melby Awarded (????, 1954);
  • MWA Ohio Tag Team titles w/Rocco Columbo defeating Ed Francis & Ray Stevens (October ??, 1956);
  • MWA Ohio Heavyweight title defeating Zebra Kid (July 25, 1957);
  • MWA Ohio Heavyweight title defeating Paul DeGalles (August 8, 1957);
  • WWA (Los Angeles) International TV Tag Team titles w/Sandor Szabo defeating Tosh Togo & Wild Red Berry (September 1958);


Career Highlights


  • Billy Darnell (as Billy Rogers) formed a “brother” tag team with Buddy Rogers..
  • September 6, 2007: Billy Darnell passed away at the age of 81..

    John Perin wrote: Earned a degree as a chiropractor and during the late stages of his wrestling career, he was referred to as “Doctor Billy Darnell”. Won title of “Junior Heavyweight Champion” in the 1950’s while wrestling in California. Also shared the Chicago-version of the “World Tag Team Championship” with Bill Melby in the 1950’s.



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Trained By


1942 (at age 16)


February 25, 1926


Camden, New Jersey




Finishing Move(s)

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Notable Feuds

Buddy Rogers