Billy Firehawk

Title History


  • CSWF (Cyber Space Wrestling Federation) Internet title by winning a Royal Rumble (October 2002–Halloween Horror);
  • CSWF (Cyber Space Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles w/Smoke defeating The United Nations (2003);


Career Highlights


  • Billy Firehawk was a pro wrestler and eventually began promoting wrestling shows in New Jersey..
  • Billy Firehawk’s first promotion was the Cyberspace Wrestling Federation — later known as NWA Cyberspace..
  • The idea for a Cyberspace promotion came from friends who were tragically lost during the September 11, 2001 attacks..
  • The CSWF promotion was created in their memory. The promotion would change names to NWA:Cyberspace then NWA:Shockwave.
  • October 2002–CSWF: Billy Firehawk won a Royal Rumble last eliminating the Mad Russian to capture the Internet title..
  • CSWF Summer Bash 2003: “The Alpha Male” Justin Powers defeated Billy Firehawk to win the Internet title..
  • September 2003: Billy Firehawk & Smokey M. defeated “Ice Cold” Brian Austin in a New Jersey Street Fight..
  • Billy Firehawk briefly formed a tag team with Smokey M. known as “Fire and Smoke”…….
  • 2003–CSWF: Fire & Smoke defeated The United Nations (Prince Nana & Sonjay) to win the CSWF Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~Fire & Smopke then lost the CSWF Tag Team titles to The Youngbluds (Matt Striker & Rob Eckos) in the same match..
  • 2004: Billy Firehawk would retire as an active pro wrestler and remain as a promoter of NWA: Cyberspace..
  • Billy Firehawk was a long time member of The Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in New York, NY..
  • July 17, 2006: Sadly, Billy Firehawk passed away resulting from complications of Diabetes….
  • August 5, 2006: A Memorial reunion of the cast and showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was held in honor of Billy Firehawk

    Douglas Kramer wrote: I wanted to include was the following: Billy Firehawk’s TV Appearances Include: As a Sumo Wrestler on Saturday Night Live skit with Val Kimer, on The Maury Povich Show as Billy Firehawk, and on The Jerry Springer Show as The Black Sultant as a member of The Foreign Exchange from the USWF promotion.