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Billy Firehawk

Title History


  • CSWF (Cyber Space Wrestling Federation) Internet title by winning a Royal Rumble (October 2002–Halloween Horror);
  • CSWF (Cyber Space Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles w/Smoke defeating The United Nations (2003);


Career Highlights


  • Billy Firehawk was a pro wrestler and eventually began promoting wrestling shows in New Jersey..
  • Billy Firehawk’s first promotion was the Cyberspace Wrestling Federation — later known as NWA Cyberspace..
  • The idea for a Cyberspace promotion came from friends who were tragically lost during the September 11, 2001 attacks..
  • The CSWF promotion was created in their memory. The promotion would change names to NWA:Cyberspace then NWA:Shockwave.
  • October 2002–CSWF: Billy Firehawk won a Royal Rumble last eliminating the Mad Russian to capture the Internet title..
  • CSWF Summer Bash 2003: “The Alpha Male” Justin Powers defeated Billy Firehawk to win the Internet title..
  • September 2003: Billy Firehawk & Smokey M. defeated “Ice Cold” Brian Austin in a New Jersey Street Fight..
  • Billy Firehawk briefly formed a tag team with Smokey M. known as “Fire and Smoke”…….
  • 2003–CSWF: Fire & Smoke defeated The United Nations (Prince Nana & Sonjay) to win the CSWF Tag Team titles..
  • ~~~Fire & Smopke then lost the CSWF Tag Team titles to The Youngbluds (Matt Striker & Rob Eckos) in the same match..
  • 2004: Billy Firehawk would retire as an active pro wrestler and remain as a promoter of NWA: Cyberspace..
  • Billy Firehawk was a long time member of The Rocky Horror Picture Show cast in New York, NY..
  • July 17, 2006: Sadly, Billy Firehawk passed away resulting from complications of Diabetes….
  • August 5, 2006: A Memorial reunion of the cast and showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was held in honor of Billy Firehawk

    Douglas Kramer wrote: I wanted to include was the following: Billy Firehawk’s TV Appearances Include: As a Sumo Wrestler on Saturday Night Live skit with Val Kimer, on The Maury Povich Show as Billy Firehawk, and on The Jerry Springer Show as The Black Sultant as a member of The Foreign Exchange from the USWF promotion.



Social Media


Trained By

Bobby Bold Eagle


Late 1991


January 13, 1966


Calgary, Alberta, Canada





Finishing Move(s)

The Afterburn

Favorite Move(s)

Firehawk Chop
Firehawk Fists

Notable Feuds

"The Alpha Male" Justin Powers
"Ice Cold" Brian Austin