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Bo Oates

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Bo Oates is the son of Jerry Oates and the nephew of Ted Oates
  • June 1993: Bo Oates debuted as a referee in Southern Championship Wrestling..
  • 1994-97: Bo Oates refereed many indies in the south..
  • 1997-99: Was the promoter/booker Georgia Wrestling Alliance which emphasized old school wrestling..
  • 1998: Bo Oates began managing and wrestling part time as Spanky Spitzmiller, a rip-off of Spike Dudley..
  • February 1999: Bo Oates was piledriven by “Nightmare” Ted Allen before refereeing a match between Allen & Ted Oates..
  • 2001: Bo Oates wrestled as Super X and lost to A.J. Steele..
  • 2005: Bo Oates wrestled in Georgia Championship Wrestling under a mask as “The V”..
  • 2004-05: Bo Oates was the booker for Georgia Championship Wrestling (now known as Great Championship Wrestling)..
  • July 2005: Bo Oates was fired as the booker of GCW out of the blue..
  • August 2005: Bo Oates did a controversial shoot interview on his dismissal from GCW..
  • Bo Oates is a public school teacher in real life…
  • September 29, 2007–Great Championship Wrestling: Cru Jones & Scrappy McGowan beat John Bogie & Commissioner Bo Oates..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Referee) Scrappy McGowan wins commissionership, and Bo Oates is forced to retire..



Social Media


Trained By

Jerry Oates
Don Sanders
Chris Stevens




September 25, 1970


Columbus, Georgia





220 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Looking at the lights

Favorite Move(s)

Flying elbow smash
Double armed DDT

Notable Feuds

Erik Watts
Bad Co. (GCW)