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Bob Carter

Title History


  • ICW Light Heavyweight title -as Irish Bobby O’Brien- defeating Eric Sbraccia (1986);
  • CWF (Continental Wrestling Federation) Tag Team titles -as DI Bob Carter- w/Detroit Demolition (1988);
  • ACW Tag Team titles w/Mod Squad (1989);


Career Highlights


  • 1981-1985: Bob Blackburn was a United States Marine serving in Beirut & Grenada with the 22nd MAU (Marine Amphibious Unit)..
  • Bob Blackburn was trained by Nelson Royal & Gene Anderson and also survived the Dungeon at Stu Hart’s Mansion in Calgary!
  • Bob Blackburn wrestled as “Irish” Bobby O’Brien in ICW & Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling..
  • Bob Blackburn is most remembered as “DI Bob Carter” in Alabama’s Continental where he was the leader of The Honor Guard..
  • ~~~DI Bob Carter won the Continental Tag Team titles with Detroit Demolition and they were seconded by Pvt. Mark Pyle..Special thanks to Bob Blackburn himself for emailing us and helping to fill out this profile..

    Bob Blackburn wrote: Career was mostly spent in the car going from town to town. Highlights were selling out Dothan Farm Center, Montgomery, as Eddie Gilbert popped the territory. Overall it was a great experience and I miss many of the boys.



Social Media


Trained By

Nelson Royal
Gene Anderson


1986 (JCP)


July 12, 1963


Originally from Boston, Massachusetts
Moved to Charlotte, North Carolina





275 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

The Body Bag (Spinebuster)
Sling Shot Suplex

Favorite Move(s)

The Back Breaker

Notable Feuds

Willie B. Hert (Pez Whatley)
The Samoans (Sika & Kokina)
Lord Humongous (Sid Eudy)
Shane Douglas (ACW)
Nikita Koloff (ACW)
Ivan Koloff (ACW)