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Bob Stanlee

Title History


  • NWA (San Francisco) World Tag Team titles (as Rip Miller) w/Enrique Torres defeating ?????????? (October ??, 1959);
  • NWA (Mid America) World Tag Team titles (Giant Evans) w/Moose Evans beat Luke Graham & Kurt Von Brauner (August 24, 1966);


Career Highlights


  • Early 1960s: Bob Merrill worked briefly under a mask as one half of the Mighty Yankees tag team with Moose Evans..
  • ~~~Bob Merrill (as Giant Evans) and Moose Evans continued their partnership without masks after dropping the Yankees gimmick..
  • Bob Stanlee was the “fictional” brother of two legitimate brothers Steve Stanlee and Gene Stanlee..
  • 1982: Mighty Joe Thunder was brought into the WWF, but ended up being so bad he was fired after a handful of tv tapings..

    Bob Leonard wrote (August 2011): I can add a little info for you: he also worked as Rip Miller, “brother” of Dr. Bill, Ed and Dan, in Stampede in 1959-60-61. Just parts of each year, I think, and not full time. I also have a note that he worked as Rip Carlson, though I don’t know where. I’m guessing this was very early in his career, and as I recall him he was very, very green when he was up here.



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