Bobby Bold Eagle

Title History


  • NWA Junior Heavyweight title;
  • Canadian Junior Heavyweight title;
  • International Junior Heavyheavyweight title;
  • AAW Junior Heavyheavyweight title;
  • CCW Junior Heavyheavyweight title;
  • Joint Promotions Tag Team titles w/Al Bold Eagle;


Career Highlights


  • Not to be confused with Bob Boyer’s version of Bobby Bold Eagle that worked for Dick The Bruiser in Indiana..
  • Bobby Bold Eagle formed a ‘brother’ tag team with Al Bold Eagle in the United Kingdom..
  • Bobby Bold Eagle worked in worked in the UK, Puerto Rico, Japan, Guatemala, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Mexico & most of Europe..
  • 1991: Bobby Bold Eagle retired after his last tour to Spain & Germany and started the Bobby Bold Eagle Wrestling Academy
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Students: Billy Firehawk, Rocco Rock, Shark Attack Kid, Tiger Kahn, Steve Canyon..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Students: The Power Twins, The Headhunters, Primo Carnera II, Jason Knight..