Bobby Davis

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Bobby Davis was training to become a wrestler in Ohio (Al Haft) and hurt his neck so he decided to become a Manager..
  • 1950s-1960s: Bobby Davis was most famous for managing “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers in the World Wide Wrestling Federation..
  • Bobby Davis also managed the Graham Brothers (Eddie & Jerry Graham), Johnny Valentine, Johnny Barand, Magnificent Maurice..
  • Bobby Davis achieved a high degree of notoriety on the East Coast ( the region that later became the WWWF)..
  • 1969: Bobby Davis served as a host of televised studio matches in a short-lived Ohio-based promotion that held cards in Ohio..
  • Bobby Davis got into the fast-food franchising and has done very well for himself in Bakersfield, California..
  • There is an urban legend that Bobby Davis and Wendy’s-founder Dave Thomas were the same person (Not True)..