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Bobby Managoff

Bobby Managoff

Title History

  • NWA (San Francisco) Pacific Coast Heavyweight title defeating Pantaleon Manlapig (December 27, 1940);
  • NWA (San Francisco) Pacific Coast Heavyweight title defeating Ivan Rasputin (January 28, 1941);
  • NWA (San Francisco) Pacific Coast Heavyweight title defeating Black Panther (June 3, 1941);
  • NWA Texas Heavyweight title (February 1942);
  • NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) World Heavyweight title defeating Yvon Robert (November 27, 1942);
  • (Montreal) World Heavyweight title defeating Gino Garibaldi (May 19, 1943);
  • (Minneapolis) World Heavyweight title defeating Bill Longson (February 22, 1944);
  • NWA Texas Heavyweight title (1945);
  • NWA Texas Tag Team titles w/Otto Kuss (May 1945);
  • (Montreal) World Heavyweight title defeating Joe Savoldi (September 12, 1945);
  • (Montreal) World Heavyweight title defeating Lou Thesz (February 20, 1947);
  • NWA Hawaii Heavyweight title defeating Jack Claybourne (November 9, 1949);
  • (Montreal) World Heavyweight title defeating Yvon Robert (February 1, 1950);
  • (Montreal) World Heavyweight title defeating Yukon Eric (November 8, 1950);
  • NWA Hawaii Tag Team titles w/Bobby Bruns defeating Al Kashey & Tom Rice (April 5, 1953);
  • NWA Hawaii Heavyweight title defeating Hans Schnabel (July 19, 1953);
  • (Illinois) Midwest Heavyweight title defeating Larry Chene (October 31, 1957);

Career Highlights (courtesy of wikipedia.com)

  • Bob Managoff Jr. was the son of wrestler Bob Managoff Sr. (aka Big Yusiff)..
  • Bobby Managoff was trained by his father Bob Managoff Sr. also known as The Terrible Turk and Big Yusiff. He started wrestling in 1942 at age 24.
  • He started his career in what is now National Wrestling Alliance. He won the Texas Heavyweight Championship in February 1942. On February 17, he lost the title to Juan Humberto in Dallas, Texas.
  • In June 1942, he signed with National Wrestling Association, a subsidiary of National Boxing Association which was to sanction professional wrestling.
  • He started a long feud with Yvon Robert. He defeated Robert on November 27 in Houston, Texas to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.
  • He travelled in several cities of United States and defended his NWA Championship.
  • He lost the title to “Wild” Bill Longson on February 19, 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri. In 1944, he left National Wrestling Association and started wrestling around Texas.
  • He formed a tag team with Otto Kuss. They both won the Texas Tag Team Championship in May 1945. They dropped the titles to Hans Schnable and Marvin Jones on May 14 in Galveston, Texas.
  • In 1945, he won his second Texas Heavyweight Championship. He dropped the title to Dale Levin on July 13 in Houston, Texas. After that, he started feuding with”Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers.
  • They both had a successful feud which became one of the earliest feuds in sports-entertainment history.
  • In the late 1940s, he started travelling around Hawaii.
  • On November 9, 1949, he defeated Jack Claybourne in Honolulu, Hawaii to win the NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Championship.
  • Dean Detton defeated him for the title on December 11. Managoff started feuding with Whipper Billy Watson between 1950 and 1953.
  • On July 19, 1953, he defeated Hans Schnabel to win his second Hawaii title. He lost it to Ben Sharpe on August 23.
  • He started a stint in Montreal, Quebec where he won the Montreal World Heavyweight Championship on five occasions.
  • In 1965, he officially retired from professional wrestling. On April 3, 2002, he died of Heart Failure.
  • April 3, 2002: Bobby Managoff passed away at the age of 85..



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Trained By

The Terrible Turk (his father)



January 4, 1918


Chicago, Illinois




Finishing Move(s)

Flying Dropkick

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Yvon Robert
Billy Watson
Buddy Rogers