Title History


Career Highlights


  • The Original Great Bolo was Al Lovelock, and he took Tom Renesto as a partner..
  • Al Lovelock was booked in Charlotte as a Bolo but he took a booking gig in Amarillo or Albequerque instead..
  • Tom Renesto went to JCP as “Great Bolo” before joining Jody Hamilton in the Assassins in Florida & Georgia..
  • Tom Renesto & Jody Hamilton went back to JCP as “The Bolos” with Jody as “Might Bolo” and Renesto as “Great Bolo”..
  • Al Lovelock wrestled elsewhere as The Great Bolo and was joined by Pepper Martin as “Mighty Bolo” for another version..
  • Al Lovelock showed up in North Carolina at one point trying to out Renesto as a “Fake” Great Bolo..