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Bronko Nagurski


Title History

  • NWA (National Wrestling Association) World Heavyweight title defeating Lou Thesz (June 23, 1936);
  • (Maryland) World Heavyweight title defeating Dean Detton (June 16, 1937);
  • (Los Angeles) World Heavyweight title defeating Vincent Lopez (August 12, 1937);
  • NWA (National Wrestling Association) World Heavyweight title defeating Ray Steele (March 11, 1941);
  • NWA (San Francisco) Pacific Coast Heavyweight title defeating Sandor Szabo (October 22, 1946);
  • (Minneapolis) World Heavyweight title defeating Sandor Szabo (March 23, 1948);
  • NWA (San Francisco) Pacific Coast Heavyweight title defeating Len Hall (October 1, 1948);
  • NWA (Minneapolis) World Tag Team titles w/Vern Gagne defeating Johnny Valentine & Chet Wallich (December 26, 1957);

Career Highlights

In The Beginning:

  • 1908: Bronko Nagurski was born in the small border town of Rainy River, Ontario to parents Michael & Amelia Nagurski..
  • Bronko Nagurski grew up an athlete in Minnesota, having to run 4 miles each day to school and back to the family farm..
  • Bronko Nagurski loved wrestling and boxing as a young person, but his mother was frightened that he might get hurt..

Football Career:

  • Bronko Nagurski was probably best known for his accomplishments on the football field..
  • Bronko Nagurski was an All-American at the University of Minnesota from 1927 to 1929..
  • Bronko Nagurski was the only player in U.S. college history to make all-star at two positions — fullback and tackle..
  • 1930: Bronko Nagurski was signed by George Halas to the Chicago Bears, and helped the Bears to championships in 1932 and 1933..
  • ~~~~Bronko Nagurski has a bust (statue of his headshot) in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.
  • Check out Bronko Nagurski’s football stats here: http://www.footballcardgallery.com/player/Bronko+Nagurski/

Wrestling Career:

  • 1933: Bronko got into wrestling, where he was managed by Tony Stecher (brother of former NWA World Champion Joe Stecher)..
  • February 1933: Bronko Nagurski (professional wrestling debut) defeated Tag Tagerson in a 4:00 match..
  • June 29, 1937: Bronko Nagurski defeated Dean Detton for a different version of the World Heavyweight title..

NWA World Heavyweight Champion:

  • June 23, 1939: Bronko Nagurski defeated the legendary Lou Thesz to win the NWA World Heavyweight title in Houston, TX..
  • March 7, 1940: Ray Steele defeated Bronko Nagurski to capture the NWA World Heavyweight title in St. Louis, Missouri..
  • March 11, 1941: Bronko Nagurski defeated Ray Steele to recapture the NWA Heavyweight Championship of the World..
  • June 5, 1941: Sandor Szabo defeated Bronko Nagurski for the NWA Heavyweight Championship of the World..


  • 1960: Bronko Nagurski retired from professional wrestling a physical wreck..
  • Bronko Nagurski ran a gas station in International Falls, Minnesota..
  • January 7, 1990: Bronko Nagurski passed away at a nursing home at the age of 81..

Real Life:

  • December 28, 1936: Bronko Nagurski married his childhood sweetheart Eileen Kane..
  • Christmas Day 1937: Bronko Nagurski and his wife had a child, who they named after his father..
  • ~~~~Bronko Junior would go on to play eight seasons with the Hamilton Ti-Cats of the Canadian Football League.

Social Media


Trained By



November 3, 1908 - January 8, 1990


Born in Rainy River, Ontario
Moved to International Falls, Minnesota





235 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

The Body Block

Favorite Move(s)

The Headlock
Flying Tackle

Notable Feuds

Ray Steele
Eddie Verig
Steve Casey
Earl Holmbeck
Chief Saunook