Bruce Swayze

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Bruce Swayze was the partner and manager of The Love Brothers (Hartford & Reginald)..
  • Bruce Swayze was better known as manager (sometimes under the name Black Baron) than as wrestler..
  • ~~~As Black Baron, he managed Abdullah the Butcher (Ohio 1970s) | As Bruce Swayze, he managed Crusher Verdue (Early 1970s)..

    Bruce Metcalfe wrote: I grew up in Grimsby Ontario in the 70’s,which was a homebase for many wrestlers. I’m not sure if Beautiful Bruce Swayze was born in Grimsby,But my Grandfather knew his father for many years so it’s possible.I saw him wrestle at Grimsby Arena in 1972 He was introduced to rousing applause from the crowd,but soon lost their support when he,after shaking hands and heading back to his corner,turned and charged Whipper Watson Jr.