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Bruiser Bedlam

Title History


  • SMW (Smokey Mountain Wrestling) Beat the Champ Television title defeating Mike Furnas (April 4, 1994);
  • BCW (Border City Wrestling) Can Am Heavyweight title defeating Scott D` Amore (April 21, 1995);


Career Highlights


  • Ion William Croitoru debuted in Stampede Wrestling where Bruce Hart named him Orhan Turgedan, and later The Terrible Turk..
  • Ion William Croitoru spent time with Emile Dupre’s Grand Prix Wrestling on the east coast..
  • Ion William Croitoru appeared in George Cannon’s Superstars of Wrestling out of Windsor, Ontario..
  • Ion William Croitoru wrestled as Johnny K-9 in the WWF and was a full-fledged jobber to the stars..
  • ~~~K-9 would always drop to his knees, cross his arms above his head and bellow..
  • ~~~K-9 wrestled a TV match against Hulk Hogan during his four years with the company..
  • ~~~K-9 left the WWF on good terms for a tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling..
  • Ion tried promoting in Hamilton with Mike Kelly & Bob Clarke a fed called “Canadian International Championship Wrestling”..
  • 1991: Ion William Croituro spent seven months in prison for assault and has a conviction for trafficking cocaine..
  • Ion William Croituro hooked up with the Michigan-based MTW, where he was billed as Taras Bulba, ‘King of the Chain Matches’..
  • ~~~Taras Bulba got the chance to wrestle legends like Bobo Brazil, Dick The Bruiser and Al Costello..
  • 1994: Ion William Croituro joined Jim Cornette’s Smokey Mountain Wrestling for the biggest success of his career..
  • ~~~Jim Cornette gave Ion Croituro the name and gimmick of “Bruiser Bedlam”..
  • ~~~Bruiser Bedlam won the Smokey Mountain Television title..
  • Bruiser Bedlam defeated Greg Valentine to with the Cambridge Ontario-based ICW Heavyweight title..
  • January 8, 2005: Ion Croitoru was arrested and charged with two murders of lawyer Lynn Gilbank and husband Fred on 11/16/98..
  • ~~~Ion Croitoru has a long criminal record including assault, drug dealing, forgery, and a bombing conspiracy..
  • Not to be confused with the original Taras Bulba (aka Juan Reynosa)..



Social Media


Trained By



December 7, 1965


Hamilton, Ontario






Finishing Move(s)

Stomach Claw

Favorite Move(s)

Flying Headbutt
The Powerslam

Notable Feuds