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Bruiser Costa

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Title History


  • NWA (Vancouver) International Tag Team titles w/Terry Adonis defeating Dean Ho & Sonny Myers (1982);
  • NWA (Vancouver) International Tag Team titles w/Butcher Hughes defeating Terry Adonis and Dean Ho (1983);
  • NWA Canadian Tag Team titles w/Spider Web (Drago Shivago) (1985);
  • UWA Canadian Heavyweight title defeating Johnathan Sayers (1987);
  • AWA American title ();
  • Northwest Heavyweight title defeating Sonny Myers (1987);
  • Alaskan Heavyweight title defeating Mack Truck (1987);
  • NEWA New England Heavyweight title defeating Man Mountain Mike (1993);
  • AWA New England Heavyweight title defeating Maverick Wild (1995);


Career Highlights


  • Mid-to-Late-80s: Bruiser Costa wrestled for Al Tomko’s Vancouver-based All Star Wrestling promotion..
  • Made National Attenion in 1998 running for President and was Featured on MTV and many other National outlets..
  • Failed to come to an agreement with WCW in 1999 and continued to run his own company in New Hampshire.



Social Media


Trained By

Dean Ho
Killer Kowalski


August 30, 1980


June 26, 1962


New Hampshire




Finishing Move(s)

The Claw

Favorite Move(s)

Shoulder Breaker

Notable Feuds

Jerry Morrow
Dean Ho
Terry Adonis
Greg Valentine, Rip Morrison
Igor Volkoff
Moondog Moretti