Buford Pusser

Title History


Career Highlights


  • 1961-1964: Buford Pusser was the Adamsville Chief Of Police..
  • 1964-1970: Buford Pusser was the McNairy County Sheriff..
  • ~~~During his time as Sheriff, Buford Pusser jailed over 7500 criminals, was stabbed seven times and shot eight times!
  • August 12, 1967, Bufford Pusser and his wife were ambushed; she was killed; he was shot in the face!
  • Buford Pusser wrestled in and around the Chicago area on weekends while he worked at a factory during the week..
  • Buford Pusser inspired the 1970s hit movie “Walking Tall” and it’s 2004 re-make starring The Rock..
  • Buford Pusser has a biography called “The Twelfth Of August” where he broke kayfabe by mentioning the matches being rigged..
  • August 21,1974: Buford Pusser died in an automobile accident..
  • ~~~Actor Joe Don Baker & Elvis Presley (among others) attended his funeral..
  • ~~~Daughter Dwana Pusser Garrison (and her husband) continue to run Buford Pusser’s restaurant in Tennessee..