Bull Montana

Title History


  • Pacific Coast Junior Heavyweight title defeating Larry Chene (May 18, 1956 in Longview, Washington);
  • (Boston [promoter Santos]) Big Time Wrestling New England Heavyweight title (1966)


Career Highlights


  • Early 1960s: Bull Montana trained Gene Dundee at the Tony Santos Boston Wrestling School..
  • Bull Montana later formed a tag team with Gene Dundee known as “The Fabulous Zangeroos“..
  • Bull Montana wrestled primarly in New England and was a mainstay at Tony Santos Big Time Wrestling..
  • Bull Montana made a formible tag team partnership with a young Pat Patterson..
  • May 30, 1992: Bull Montana passed away..

    There was actually TWO Bull Montana’s… The original was Luigi Montagna, born somewhere between May 16th 1887 and July 14th 1889 and died January 24th 1950 at the age of 62. He was a wrestler and actor, and was active at least between 1914 and 1918. [thanks to Ronny]