Carl Leduc

Title History

Career Highlights


  • Carl Leduc is the son of wrestling legend Paul Leduc
  • Carl Leduc was the wrestler getting stretched and tortured by Stu Hart in “Wrestling with Shadows”..
  • Carl XL Leduc has wrestled for Stu Hart’s Calgary Stampede and for Jerry Lawler in Tennessee..
  • Carl XL Leduc is known as a loose cannon on the Quebec Independent Wrestling circuit..
  • 2001-2006: Carl XL Leduc has wrestled for his father’s “Federation Lutte Quebecoise,” including many spot shows…
  • Also wrestled for Northern Championsip Wrestling, Canadian Wrestling Association & International Wrestling Syndicate
  • Carl XL Leduc has his Quebec’s Artist Union card, as appeared in various sitcoms, Musique Plus, SPASM Festival..
  • January 2007: Carl Leduc became the owner of the FLQ, restarting activities on April 4th after a 3-month absence..