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Chace Rawlings

Title History

  • 2005 Tag Team Of The Year
  • EWA Maryland title defeating Zack Matthews in a tournament final (October 11, 2008);
  • EWA Maryland title defeating JD Bamm Bamm Roberts in a Steel Cage (September 20, 2009);
  • EWA Heavyweight title defeating Eagle (????);

Career Highlights

Eastern Wrestling Alliance:

  • Sept.2004:Radd in Student Battle Royal
  • March 2005:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Lose to Jim Christian & Eagle
  • April 2005:Goldthumb Loses To Zack Matthews
  • May 2005:Goldthumb Loses To Jaxx Craven
  • June 2005:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Lose To Derek Fraizer & Adam Flash
  • July 2005:Goldthumb Loses To Eagle
  • August 2005:EWA Tag Championship:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Lose To The Jawbreakers
  • September 2005:Legion Of Ungood Lose To The Club
  • October 2005 Day Show:EWA Tag Titles:Goldthumb & Dr.X Lose to The Club & Apollo & Jaxx in a triple threat match
  • October 2005 Night Show:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Lose To The Club & The East Coast Connection in a triple threat match
  • Nov.2005: Legion Of Ungood Awarded Tag Team Of The Year, Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Defeat Pretty Ugly
  • March 2006:EWA Tag Team Titles:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Lose to The Club & Jaxx Craven in a triple threat match
  • April 2006 show#1:Goldthumb & Mr. E Machine Defeat Blood & Jaxx Craven
  • April 2006 show#2:Goldthumb Loses to Chris Nightmare & Champ Champange in a Triple Threat Match
  • May 2006:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Lose To The Fan & Buster Maccabi
  • June 2006 Day:Chris Nightmare Injures Goldthumbs shoulder which takes him out of action for a month
  • July 2006:Goldthumb Defeats Chris Nightmare
  • August 2006:Legion Of Ungood lose to Jim Christian due to help from Erradication
  • Sept. 2006:Goldthumb Loses to Blood
  • Oct.2006:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine lose to The Varsity
  • Dec.2006:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Win via DQ over Zachary Shane & Tyler Hilton
  • Jan. 2007:Goldthumb Lost to Link Kory
  • Feb.2007 Show#1:Goldthumb & Dr.X Lose to Link Kory & Tyler Hilton
  • Feb.2007 Show#2:Goldthumb Loses to Niles Young
  • March 2007:Goldthumb & Dr.X Lose to The Club
  • April 2007:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Lose to The Gymini Trogans, Goldthumb snaps and attacks mr.e then Darth X later in the night
  • May 25th 2007:Goldthumb & Blood fought to a double DQ
  • June 2nd 2007:Goldthumb beats Blood Via DQ
  • September 22, 2007:Goldthumb Loses To Blood
  • September 23rd 2007:Goldthumb Loses to Darth X
  • October 28th 2007:Mask Vs Career:Goldthumb Beats Mr.E Machine
  • Dec.2nd 2007:Goldthumb Defeats Darth X
  • Jan.5th 2008:Mask Vs Career: Darth X Beats Goldthumb
  • Feb.10th 2008: Chace Rawlings Loses in 12 Man Double Ring Ladder Match
  • March 16th 2008: (W) Chace Rawlings & DJ Hyde Vs Champ Champange & Stevie Riggs (L)
  • April 20th 2008: Chace Rawlings, DJ Hyde, & Eagle (L) Vs Ruckus, Teddy Stigma, & Ryan McBride (W)
  • May 3rd 2008:Chace Rawlings Loses to Champ Champange
  • May 3rd 2008:Chace Rawlings,DJ Hyde, Zack Matthews,& Zack Shane Lose To LK,Champ Champange,Drew Gulak & Tim Donst
  • May 31st 2008:Chace Rawlings Loses Via Countout To Big Art The Security Guy
  • June 20th 2008:Chace Rawlings & Jim Christian Lose To Champ Champange & Jake The Snake Roberts
  • July 13th 2008:EWA Tag Team Championship:Chace Rawlings & DJ Hyde Lose To Ryan McBride & Teddy Stigma
  • August 29, 2008: Chace Rawlings defeated Darth X in the first round of the EWA Maryland Title Tournament..
  • September 21st 2008:Chace Rawlings Loses to Derek Frazier
  • October 11, 2008: Chace Rawlings defeated Adam Carelle in the 2nd round of the EWA Maryland Title Tournament..
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~Chace Rawlings defeated Zack Matthews in the Finals to win the Maryland Heavyweight championship..
  • Nov.9th 2008:Tag Team Championship:Chace Rawlings & Jim Christian lose to NES Alex Lunar & Steve Diaz
  • January 9th 2009:EWA Maryland Championship Chace Rawlings Loses to Nui The Samoan Tsunami Via Disqualification
  • Febuary 13th 2009:Chace Rawlings Defeats Jesus
  • Febuary 27th 2009:EWA Maryland Championship: Chace Rawlings Defeats Nui Via Disqualfication
  • March 13th 2009:EWA Tag Team Championship:Chace Rawlings & Eagle Lose To N.E.S.
  • March 21st 2009:EWA Tag Team Championship:Chace Rawlings & Jim Christian Lose to N.E.S. Alex Lunar & Steve Diaz
  • March 21st 2009:Double Ring Ladder Match
  • April 3rd 2009:EWA Maryland Championship: No DQ: Chace Rawlings Beats JD Bamm Bamm Roberts
  • April 25th 2009:EWA Maryland Championship:Chace Rawlings Loses to JD Bamm Bamm Roberts Via Disqualification
  • April 25th 2009:EWA Battle Royal
  • April 25th 2009:Chace Rawlings & DJ Hyde Lose to Nui & Adam Carelle
  • May 9th 2009:EWA Maryland Championship:Chace Rawlings Defeats Bobby Sheilds
  • May 9th 2009:EWA Maryland Championship:Chace Rawlings Loses to Teddy Stigma Via Disqualfication
  • May 30th 2009:EWA Maryland Championship: Bull Rope Match:Chace Rawlings Defeats JD Bamm Bamm Roberts
  • June 19th 2009:EWA Maryland Championship:Chace Rawlings Loses To Nui Via DQ
  • August 1st 2009:Goldthumb & Gold Pinky Beat Kindred & Amazing A
  • August 8th 2009:EWA Birthday Party:Chace Rawlings Loses to Shaun Cannon
  • August 14th 2009:EWA Maryland Championship:Chace Rawlings Loses to JD Bamm Bamm Roberts in a hardcore match
  • August 21st 2009:Hardcore Rules:Chace Rawlings Loses to Blood
  • August 28th 2009:Leathal Lottery Match:Chace Rawlings & Mr.Bump Lose to Blood & Kindred
  • August 28th 2009:Chace Rawlings Beat Matt Wylde
  • …… CONTINUED BELOW (September 2009)House Of Pain Wrestling Federation/National Wrestling Leauge:
  • June 2005:Radd in Battle Royal
  • July 2006:Goldthumb Loses to Blood
  • August 2006:Goldthumb Beats Ryan Mcbride
  • June 2007:Goldthumb Loses To Doink The Clown
  • July 2007: Goldthumb Loses To Blood
  • August 5th 2007: Goldthumb & Todd Hill Defeat The Public Defenders Via DQ
  • August 25th 2007:Goldthumb Loses To Doink The Clown
  • September 22nd 2007:Goldthumb Loses To Corey Bush in the first round of lord of the rings 5
  • October 6th 2007:Goldthumb Loses to Todd Hill
  • Nov.17th 2007:Goldthumb Loses To Tank Thomas
  • Jan.12th 2008:Goldthumb Loses To Todd Hill In a Fatal Fourway with Jackpot Jimmy Jessup, & Mr.VIP Viper
  • March 29th 2008:NWL Hardcore Title Match:Goldthumb Vs Psychotres (L), Vs Blood Vs Jackpot (W)
  • May 18th 2008: HOPWF Tag Team Title Match:Goldthumb & Blood Lose To Gusten Uberstud & Brandon Scott Vs The Latin Enforcer & Ivan Radski Vs Tremor & Corey Bush
  • June 7th 2008:Goldthumb Vs Onyx (W) Vs Larry Legend (L)
  • June 20th 2009:HOPWF Tag Team Championship:Chace Rawlings & Psychotres Lose To Todd Hill and Latin Tornado
  • August 11th 2009:Chace Rawlings Defeats Shaun Cannon & Psychrotes In a triple threat matchMaven Bentley Association:
  • June 2005:Radd In Battle Royal
  • April 2006:Legion Of Ungood Lose to Shawn Bishop, Maven Bentley, & The Easter Bunny
  • June 2006:MBA Tag Titles:Goldthumb & Dr.X Lose To Black Out, Team Andrew & K.F.C. in a Fatal Fourway
  • July 2006:Legion Of Ungood lose to DJ Hyde in a Hardcore Invatational
  • August 2006 Show#1:Goldthumb Defeats Ryan McBride
  • August 2006 Show#2:Goldthumb & Mr.E Machine Lose to Kylie Pierce & John Dahmer
  • October 2006:Legion Of Ungood Beat Erradication in a Handycapped Match
  • June 2007:Goldthumb Beats Erradication Via DQ
  • Jan.31st 2009:Chace Rawlings, Paul Jordaine, Larry Legend, & Black Package Vs Poor Horseman,Kylie Pierce, & John Dahmer Vs Jimmy Starz, Sexy Steve, Alex Colon, & Joe GacyChampionship Pro Wrestling:
  • March 2006:Radd & Johnny Logan Lost to Roughhouse Mathews & Maniac Mark Jones
  • June 2006:Radd Vs Dr.X Ended in a no contest when the highway men came down and cleared the ring
  • Aug.2006:Goldthumb lost to Red Dog
  • Dec.2006:Goldthumb Defeated Blood
  • May 2007:Goldthumb Lost to The Masked IntruderCovey Promotions:
  • Nov.2006:Goldthumb loses to The Brooklyn Panther
  • April 2007:Goldthumb Beats a fan in a Masterlock Challenge
  • Nov.2007:Goldthumb & Chris Saint Defeated By Maniac Killa & Chris Payne
  • Jan.20th 2008:Goldthumb & Chris Saint Lost To Maniac Killa & Chris Payne
  • April 26th 2008:Goldthumb In Paw Paw Royal RumbleFuture One Wrestling:
  • September 30th 2007: Goldthumb in the Lou Luv Invatational Battle RoyalPrimal Conflict Wrestling:
  • Nov.8th 2008:Chace Rawlings in the DOA Memorial RumbleNew Elite Wrestling:
  • May 10th 2009:Chace Rawlings Loses to El Negro Mysterio
  • July 10th 2009:NEW Battle Royal Championship:Chace Rawlings Last Elminated In The super Frezny Battle RoyalOther Highlights:
  • Feb.08:On set of the wrestler as an extra but the scene never made the movie
  • April 08:Featured in the North East Reporter Paper
  • May 09:Front cover of the B Magazine
  • March 2007:Front Cover of Whats Happenening Mag.Eastern Wrestling Alliance – EWA Maryland champion:
  • September 20, 2009: Chace Rawlings defeated JD “Bamm Bamm” Roberts in a Steel Cage to win the EWA Maryland title..
  • September 26, 2009: Gameboy defeated EWA Maryland champion Chace Rawlings in a non title match..
  • ~~~After the match John Berg assisted Chace in the beatdown of Gameboy until Nui Tofiga made the save!
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Nui Tofiga & Gameboy defeated Chace Rawlings & John Berg in a tag team match…
  • October 3, 2009: EWA Maryland champion Chace Rawlings defeated Christ Burns..
  • ~~~At the end of the show, Chace Rawlings & Joe Hamilton interrupted Ryan Mcbride..
  • ~~~Chace and Ryan get into a brawl which brings out most of the EWA Locker room a 8 man tag match is made..
  • ~~~Ryan McBride & JD Roberts & Christ Burns & Nui Tofiga beat Rawlings & C-Fed & Harbor City Hit Squad by Countout..
  • October 10, 2009–Maryland Championship Wrestling: Nui Tofiga & Super Pheonix defeated Chace Rawlings & Tyler Hilton ..
  • October 18, 2009–EWA: Chace Rawlings & DJ Hyde Vs Jim Christian & JD Roberts..
  • ~~~Chace Rawlings & Joe Hamilton spike piledrive JD Roberts on the floor taking him out of the match..
  • ~~~Jim Christian is left by himself, so Chris Burns comes out and becomes Jim’s partner for the match..
  • ~~~Chace flattens Burns with a DDT off the top rope making Chace Rawlings and DJ Hyde the Winners..
  • ~~~~~~Nui Tofiga beat Goldthumb in 2 mins in a Gauntlet match (Nui Rips off Goldthumb’s maskrevealing it to be Chace Rawlings)
  • October 23, 2009: Jim Christian forced Chace Rawlings to wrestle under the former moniker he hates – or he would be fired..
  • EWA Maryland Championship: Ryan McBride defeated Goldthumb by DQ after Joe Hamilton attacked Ryan McCena (Halloween)..
  • ~~~After the match, Ryan comes after Joe and he pees his pants then gets an FU and both Chace & Joe get the five knuckle shuffle!
  • October 30, 2009–EWA Maryland Championship: Chace Rawlings defeated John Berg
  • October 31, 2009–EWA Maryland Championship: Chace Rawlings defeated Shaun Cannon
  • November 13, 2009–EWA: Chace Rawlings & Adam Carelle defeated Chris Burns & Shaun Cannon
  • November 15, 2009–Adrenline Championship Wrestling: Return Of The Legion Of Ungood (Goldthumb & Dr.X with Hazzard)
  • ~~~The Legion Of Ungood defeated Doyle Day & Louis Rich and Dark Angel & Deathstroke in a 3-WAY #1 contender Match..
  • November 21, 2009–Primal Conflict Wrestling: Julio Dinero & Zubov defeated Chace Rawlings & Horrorshow
  • ~~~Later in the Night; Chace Rawlings competed in the 3rd DOA Memorial Rumble which he is eliminated by Julio Dinero
  • November 27, 2009–EWA: Shaun Cannon defeated EWA Maryland champion Chace Rawlings in a Non Title Match..
  • December 4, 2009–EWA: Chace Rawlings defeated Shaun Cannon to retain the EWA Maryland Championship..
  • ~~~Cannon originally won the match but referee D Edwards notice Chace’s foot was on the ropes and restarted the match..
  • December 12, 2009–NWL/HOPWF: NWL Tag champions Vinny & Rocky Dicola beat Chace Rawlings & Thomas Fransworth by DQ.
  • ~~~Rocky threw a gold club to Chace behind the refs back, when the ref turned around he saw Chace with the club and DQ’d him..
  • December 18, 2009–EWA: Onshay “The Spider” Silva defeated Chace Rawlings to win the EWA Maryland title..
  • ~~~Jim Christian’s distracted Rawlings and Onshay him rolled up hooking the tights for the pinfall..
  • ~~~After the match; Jim and Chace brawl Chace hits Jim with a Piledriver and Raises the title above his head
  • Jan. 9th 2010:EWA-EWA Heavyweight Championship, I Quit Match: Chace Rawlings Loses to EWA Heavyweight Champion Jim Christian
  • Jan. 24th 2010:ACW-ACW Tag Team Championship:The Legion Of Ungood Lose to ACW Tag Team Champions Pretty Ugly due to outside interfearence by The Hit Squad
  • Feb. 26th 2010:NWL/HOPWF-Chace Rawlings Vs Todd Hill Vs Tremor (W) Vs EZ Money (L)
  • March 13th 2010: (L)Chace Rawlings & Todd Hill lose to Tremor & Napalm (W)
  • March 20th 2010:#1 Contender Double Ring Ladder Match (A contract hanging above each ring to make it a triple threat for the heavyweight title in April) Chace Rawlings Vs Jd Roberts Vs Prodigy Vs Nui Tofiga Vs Thomas Fransworth Vs Ryan McBride Vs DJ Hyde (Chace Rawlings grabs the first contract only to have it taken from him as he falls from the ladder into Nui’s arms and gets a samoan drop, Ryan McBride gets the 2nd contract)
  • HOPWF-March 26th 2010:Chace Rawlings Vs The Tasmanian Devil Vs Todd Hill (W) Vs Butch Hess (L)
  • SWA-April 10th 2010:Goldthumb Defeats Kindred
  • ACW-April 18th 2010:Legion Of Ungood Lose to Harbor City Hit Squad and Hell Cats in a triple threat match
  • EWA-April 23rd 2010:Maryland Title:Fatal Fourway Chace Rawlings (L) Vs Thomas Fransworth, Onshay Silva, Kindred (w)
  • EWA-June 26th 2010:Chace Rawlings Vs Thomas Fransworth (L) Vs Nui Tofiga (w)
  • EWA-July 18th 2010:Chace Rawlings Loses To Bamm Bamm
  • EWA-August 8th 2010:Chace Rawlings Loses to Milo Shizo
  • USW-August 28th 2010:Chace Rawlings (L) Vs Jersey Kid (W) Vs Jordan Kasey Vs Joe Ettel Vs Milo Shizo Vs Steve Diaz in a scramble match
  • MCW-September 10th 2010: Infront of a 1000-1500 person crowd: Chace Rawlings, Jessie Kaye, and Alexander James came out as the Offical NY Jets Represenitives infront of over a thousand baltimore ravens fans at the Ravens Rally in Whitemarsh MD. Declaring the Jets were the greatest team in NFL history and will be the ravens on opening day. Chace Rawlings Wins A Battle Royal last eliminating Rage Champion Cobian.
  • At the Conclusion of the show there was a Midget Match with one being Represented by the Ravens and the other by the Jets. Chace, Jessie, and James revealed they they drugged their midget’s drink with 5 hour enegry so he couldnt pass the doctors physical to comepete. Said how ravens fans didnt deserve to see a midget match. They revealed that Steve Diaz would take their midgets place only to come up short and lose. angry about their lost the Jets rep’s and Diaz surround the 2 midgets and as they are about to attack Cobian hits the ring and cleans house on the 4 making them retreat into a almost rioting crowd of angry ravens fans.
  • EWA-Sept. 24th 2010:Steel Cage Match:Chace Rawlings (L) Vs Nui Tofiga (W) Vs Onshay Silva Vs Alexander James
  • ACPW-Sept. 26th: September 26th 2010:Chace Rawlings Loses to Arkham
  • Nov.12th 2010:Chace Rawlings (L) Vs Chris Burns (W) Vs Zulu
  • Jan.8th 2011:Chace Rawlings & Matt Wylde (L) Vs Davey Havoc & Josh Niati (W) (Chace Was making fun of Matt’s height during the match eventually turning on him)Eastern Wrestling Alliance – Mr. Happy Hour:
  • Feb.16th 2011–EWA Sweet 16 Trophy Tournament. (Mr.Happy Hour is born)
  • ~~~Sweet 16 Tournament 1st Round: Chace Rawlings Beat Aunchay The Spider Silva
  • ~~~Sweet 16 Tournament 2nd Round: Chace Rawlings Loses to C Fed
  • March 4th 2011–EWA Chace Rawlings defeated Trent Ferrell in 45 seconds (he offered a beaten trent a shot he smacked it away. Chace destroys him with the party foul Piledriver)
  • March 4th 2011–EWA: EWA Maryland champion & Co-EWA Heavyweight Champion John Berg Makes a open Challenge. Chace answers it but Bergs manager Vinny Versache points out that chace has already competed tonight. Chace yells “Lightbulb and runs into the back” Jim Christian Announces that John Berg will face a different opponent and that man is EWA Legend GOLDTHUMB! John Berg Defeats Goldthumb
  • April 16th 2011–EWA: Chace Rawlings defeated Jean Jean LeBon
  • April 16th 2011–EWA: Chace Rawlings won one of the two #1 Contender contracts in the 20 man double ring ladder match
  • May 22nd 2011: EWA Heavyweight champion Apollo defeated Chace Rawlings and JD Roberts in a triple threat match..
  • June 4th 2011: SWO – Chace Rawlings Loses to Blood
  • June 11th 2011: EWA -Chace Rawlings beats JD Bam Bam Roberts in a #1 contenders match for the heayvweight championship.
  • Moments after the match ends Eagle comes to the ring with the heavyweight title and tells Chace why wait until the 25th? Why not get your title shot now? Chace accepts the challege and Eagle informs him that its No DQ. Versache Enterprises storm the ring as Chace attacks Eagle jumps him from behind starts beating him down. Jim Christian then comes out with a Chair and chases away Versache Enterprises.
  • June 11th 2011: EWA – EWA Heavyweight Championship: Chace Rawlings Defeats Eagle to become the new EWA Heavyweight Champion
  • June 18th 2011: ACPW – Chace Rawlings loses to former ECW Star Don E. Allen
  • June 25th 2011:EWA – EWA Heavyweight Championship:Falls Count Anywhere: Chace Rawlings (C) Defeats Apollo.
  • July 9th 2011:EWA – EWA Heavyweight Championship:Chace Rawlings (C) Defeats Apollo



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Trained By

EWA Training
~Derek Frazier
~Steve Riggs


September 2004


April 19, 1985


Baltimore, Maryland
Billed from "the Nearest Bar"





240 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Spike Pile Driver
The Heartless Act
Party Foul (Spike Pile Driver)
The Last Call

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Jake The Snake Roberts
Doink The Clown
Nui Tofiga
JD Bam Bam Roberts