Chief Chewacki

Title History


Career Highlights


  • There were two versions of Chief Chewacki, the one featured in this profile, and one played by Lenny Montana..
  • George Mitchell (the original Chief Chewacki) was actually an Italian American pretending to be a Sioux Indian..
  • Chief Chewacki frequently camped out on courthouse lawns with a tent and announced he was reclaiming the land for the Indians..
  • ~~~He allowed himself to be arrested for trespassing multiple times and places, as a publicity stunt to help fill arenas..
  • An angry fan once pulled a gun on Chief Chewacki, who fainted — and later claimed he was poisoned by another fan..
  • Chief Chewacki pulled many weird ring antics that are dealt with in the book, Whatever Happened To Gorgeous George..