Chrissy Rivera



Title History

  • NYWC Starlet title defeating Marti Belle (March 22, 2014);

Career Highlights

  • April 6, 2008–MBA: Chrissy Rivera won a battle royal.
  • December 3, 2011–CZW: BLK OUT (Alex Colon, Chrissy Rivera and Ruckus) defeated The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater) and Kimber Lee in a best 2 out of 3 falls match.
  • August 25, 2012–GBW: Erik C. Jones defeated Chrissy Rivera and Kimber Lee in a 3-way match.
  • February 9, 2013–CZW: Greg Excellent defeated Chrissy Rivera.
  • February 16, 2013–GBW: Chrissy Rivera defeated Eric C. Jones.
  • April 26, 2013–WWO: Aida Marie defeated Chrissy Rivera.
  • July 20, 2013–Coastal Clash at the Creek: Kylie Pierce defeated Chrissy Rivera.
  • December 21, 2013–NYWC: Jesse Vane, Marti Belle and Matthew Justice defeated Chrissy Rivera, Mikey Whipwreck and Stockade by disqualification.
  • January 24, 2014–NYWC: NYWC Starlet champion Marti Belle defeated Chrissy Rivera to retain the title.
  • February 15, 2014–NYWC: Chrissy Rivera, Francis Kipland Stevens, King Mega, Mikey Whipwreck, Rex Lawless and Stockade defeated Blake Morris, DJ Hyde, Jesse Vane, Marti Belle, Matthew Justice and Mike Mondo.
  • March 22, 2014–NYWC: Chrissy Rivera defeated Marti Belle to win the NYWC Starlet title.
  • April 19, 2014–GBW: GBW Breaker champion Curtis Steele defeated Chrissy Rivera to retain the title.
  • April 26, 2014–NYWC: NYWC Starlet champion Chrissy Rivera defeated Marti Belle to retain the title.
  • May 31, 2014–NYWC: NYWC Starlet champion Chrissy Rivera defeated Rick Cataldo to retain the title.
  • June 28, 2014–NYWC: NYWC Starlet champion Chrissy Rivera vs. Marti Belle ended in a double disqualification to retain the title.
  • July 24, 2014–NYWC: Marti Belle defeated Chrissy Rivera and Rick Cataldo in a 3-way match to win the Starlet title.
  • August 21, 2014–NYWC: Marti Belle and Rick Cataldo defeated Chrissy Rivera and J-Ro.
  • November 29, 2014–NYWC: Aria Cadenza defeated Chrissy Rivera.
  • January 31, 2015–NYWC: Sumie Sakai defeated Chrissy Rivera.
  • March 28, 2015–NYWC: Chrissy Rivera, Sammy Pickles and Willow Nightingale defeated J-Redd, Rick Cataldo and Ultimo Maya.
  • April 18, 2015–NYWC: Willow Nightingale defeated Brooke Danielle and Chrissy Rivera in a 3-way match.
  • July 11, 2015–CZW: Chrissy Rivera, Greg Excellent and Neiko Sozio defeated The Front (Eric Corvis, Ryan Galeone and Trooper Audubon).
  • November 28, 2015–NYWC: Chrissy Rivera and Tyler Murphy defeated CJ Bambino and Tony Mamaluke by disqualification.
  • January 2, 2016–SWA: Chrissy Rivera and Tyler Murphy defeated Deonna Purrazzo and Robbie E.
  • February 27, 2016–NYWC: Chrissy Rivera, Jigsaw and Tyler Murphy defeated FBI (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) and CJ Bambino.
  • February 28, 2016–NYWC vs SWA: NYWC Starlet champion Willow Nightingale defeated Chrissy Rivera to retain the title.
  • March 19, 2016–SWA: NYWC heavyweight champion Stockade defeated Chrissy Rivera to retain the title.
  • April 16, 2016–SWA: Chrissy Rivera, Johnny Malloy and Tyler Murphy defeated The Hounds Of Hatred (Bam Sullivan, Boo Sullivan and Stockade).
  • May 7, 2016–SWA: The Hounds Of Hatred (Bam Sullivan and Devil Doll) defeated Chrissy Rivera and Tyler Murphy.
  • June 18, 2016–NYWC: Willow Nightingale defeated Chrissy Rivera to retain the Starlet title.
  • February 11, 2017–CZW: Homicide and Mercedes Martinez defeated Chrissy Rivera and Greg Excellent.