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Chuck Karbo

Title History


  • NWA (Tri State) United States Tag Team titles w/Chati Yokouchi defeating Skandor Akbar & Danny Hodge (December ??, 1967);
  • NWA (Tri State) North American Heavyweight title by winning a tournament (????, 1969);
  • NWA (Tri State) North American Heavyweight title defeating Danny Hodge (????, 1969);


Career Highlights


  • Chuck Karbo was a mainstay in the Leroy McGuirk’s Tri-State Wrestling territory based in Oklahoma..
  • Chuck Karbo wrestled in many places throughout the 60s & 70s, including the Midwest, Southwest, Southeast, Mex, Can & Jap.
  • Chuck Karbo’s name was sometimes erroneously spelled as Carbo on the cards and in magazine results.
  • 1965: Chuck Karbo & Kentucky Butcher had a main event feud with The Kentuckians at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles.
  • Though often on the move, Chuck Karbo always seemed to return to Arizona for love of the winter climate..
  • ~~~He took to working in one of the copper mines, where he lost an eye and ended his wretsling career..
  • ~~~~A freak accident occured one day when an electric mine cart hit him in the face and he lost an eye..
  • Chuck Karbo later opened a bar in Casa Grande, Arizona, where he almost died at the hands of a knife-toting drunken customer.
  • While an exact death date has never been confirmed, rumors of his passing have existed since the early 1990s..



Social Media


Trained By




Seattle, Washington





240 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Karbo Clutch (Modified Camel Clutch)

Favorite Move(s)

The Boot Stomp
The Backbreaker
The Power Slam

Notable Feuds

The Kentuckians
Bobby Anderson
David Rose
Argentina Apollo
Johnny Kostas
Ricky Thompson
Donny Anderson
Bill Dromo
Danny Hodge
Mr Wrestling
Mr Bones
Dory Funk Sr.
Benny Mendeblis
Eddie Lopez
Navajo Frank
Tony Bernardi
Battlehsip Johnson
Jack Allen
Danny Hodge
Al Seneceros
Al Madril
Navajo Frank
Billy Anderson
Logger Larson
Jack Brisco
Mr Kleen
Tito Montez
Pancho Pico
Ray Gordon
Cowboy Bob Ellis
Cowboy Bob Yuma
Tony Hernandez
Skandor Akbar
Jack Donavan
Ron Reed (Buddy Colt)
Pepe Romero
Pepe Gomez
Jack Brisco
Spitnik Monroe