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Con Tolios

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  • Con Tolios used to do the shaking all over gimmick when he got angry like Hogan would do years later in the WWF..
  • ~~~But the difference was that after delivering a few headbutts he then got the crap kicked out of him by his American opponent..
  • Con Tolios is the brother of John Tolios..
  • Con Tolios was a partner in Orbit Real Estate in Dulwich Hill, Sydney, Australia..
  • Con Tolios is now retired and resides alone in Penrith, NSW (Australia) with his dog Sammy..

    Marina wrote (March 2010): I checked your profiles on Con and John. Con was a partner in Orbit Real Estate in Dulwich Hill Sydney and his brother was a Real Estate Salesman. We all worked together for nearly 20 years my how the time just passes us by. I use to drive a mini minor cooper S and one of the wheels got stuck in a drain and there was no way of pulling the car out but Con and his brother just lifted the vehicle and took it out.


John Billing wrote (March 2011): As I had not really realised how popular Con was as a wrestler, we hadn’t really talked much about it. Only in the last feew weeks through researching sites like yours have I come to realize how big he was in the scene. I mentioned this to him on Saturday when I last visited him, as well as a few comments I had seen. He credits the late Larry O’Dea to being one of his best, or as Con put it “Mate, this guy was so good to me back when I first started.” Con is now retired and resides alone in Penrith, NSW with his dog Sammy. He credits Kerry Packer as being a great man for the oppurtunity’s he gave him, enabling him to travel the world doing what he did best – wrestling. Con later went in to Real Estate with his brother John as you may already know. He also tells me that he and “the boys” still ctach up every Christmas, although time is catching up with them all, and a few of the boys have since passed sadly.


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Larry O'Dea




Born in Greece
Lives in Penrith, Australia




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