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Cora Livingston

Title History

  • Women’s World title defeating Laura Bennett (1913)..
  • Women’s World title defeating Virginia Mercereau (1923)..

Career Highlights

  • Cora Livingston is regarded as the pioneer of women’s professional wrestling..
  • Cora Livingston was pressured into wrestling by her husband, a wrestler & promoter, Paul Bowser.
  • 1912: Cora Livingston trained under Women’s World Champion, Laura Bennett, in St. Louis, Missouri..
  • 1913: Cora Livingston defeated her trainer/mentor Laura Bennett to capture the Women’s World title..
  • Cora Livingston defeated Grace Brady in Lafayette Theatre, Buffalo, New York…
  • Cora Livingston defeated Lou Harris at the Standard Theatre, St. Louis, Missouri…
  • Cora Livingston defeated May Nelson, Folly Theatre, Chicago, Illinois…
  • Cora Livingston defeated Margaret Dunn, Academy of Music, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania…
  • Cora Livingston defeated Laura Bennett to win the Women’s World title, Century Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri..
  • Cora Livingston defeated Bothner Twins, Century Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri…
  • Cora Livingston defeated Nellie Ludrig, Howard Theater, Boston, Massachusetts…
  • Cora Livingston defeated May Kelley, Miner, S. Bowery Theatre, New York City…
  • Cora Livingston defeated Hazel Parker, People’s Theatre, Cincinnati, Ohio…
  • Virginia Mercereau won a elimination series against Hazel Kinnard and May Kelly and Bobbie Miller..
  • 1923: Virginia Mercereau defeated Cora Livingston to claim the Women’s World title on Thanksgiving Day..
  • Cora Livingston defeated Virginia Mercereau to reclaim the title and remain champion until retiring in 1935.
  • Cora Livingston had a 22-year reign as Women’s World champion and retired with the championship in 1935..
  • Cora Livingston would help her husband Paul Bowser as promoter of territories and help to train many women..
  • Cora Livingston was even a great mentor to the great Mildred Burke appearing at several cards in support..
  • 1957: Cora Livingston passed away….
  • March 2004: Cora Livingston’s prized Women’s World title belt from 1910 was sold on eBay for US $1,677.00

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