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Count Grog

Title History


  • Southern States “Manager of the Year” (1996);
  • SCW “Manager of the Year” (1996);


Career Highlights


  • 1981: Greg Mosorjak debuted in West Virginia Championship Wrestling as Greg “Punk Rock” Mason..
  • August 19, 1994: Changed gimmick to “Count Grog”; debuted gimmick at Carolina Beach, NC for ACW..
  • January 7, 1995: Count Grog led Boris Dragoff to winning the very First SCW title in a 1 night Tournament!
  • December 9, 1995 – Souther States Wrestling: “Boogie Woogie Man” Jimmy Valiant beat Count Grog in a 5-minute challenge..
  • January 3, 1997: Count Grog was chosen as Southern States “Manager of the Year”..
  • November 22, 1997: Count Grog was chosen as SCW “Manager of the Year”..
  • June 7, 1998 – ICW: Skinhead #1 chose Count Grog as his partner and given one half of the ICW tag titles..
  • ~~~They lost the tag titles that night when Heartbreak Express pinned Grog to win the belts in Yanceyville, NC..
  • November 29, 1998: Count Grog defeated midget Sweetie Pop in a Challenge match in Raleigh, NC..
  • December 5, 1998: Count Grog led Christin York to victory in winning the Omega Jr. Heavyweight title..
  • ~~~Christian York defeated Joey Matthews and Caprice Coleman and Shannon Moore in a 4-WAY to win the title..
  • November 29, 1999: Count Grog led Shane Helms to the SCW title over Otto Schwanz in Raleigh, NC..
  • February 22, 2001: Count Grog defeated Anthony Overdrive for SCW Brass Knuckles title..
  • ~~~Count Grog was later pinned in same match by Justin Drive to lose title right away..
  • October 25, 2001: Count Grog pinned Justin Drive to win SCW Hardcore Title in Raleigh, NC..
  • November 18, 2001: Count Grog managed Major DeBeers to the SCW title and retired from wrestling in Carrboro, NC..
  • March 1, 2002: Count Grog came out of retirement in Louisburg, NC..
  • November 20, 2004: Count Grog led Otto Schwanz to the SCW title over CW Anderson..
  • ~~~The SCW promotion closed its doors and Count Grog went back into temporary retirement..
  • May 7, 2005: Count Grog came out of retirement to appear on Mark Curtis Memorial show in Johnson City, TN..
  • Count Grog started Gimmicks Only Underground Grappling Entertainment in North Carolina..
  • February 2, 2008–Alternative Championship Wrestling: Rick Link w/Count Grog defeated Scrap Yard Dog & Dick Foley..
  • ~~~The “Perfect Ten” Baby Doll was in the corner of Dog & Foley but she deserted Foley and went with Link & Grog..


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Trained By

Luis Martinez
Mark Curtis (Brian Hildebrand)


1978 (in other roles) 1981 (as a manager)


June 21, 1961


Fuquay Varina, North Carolina






225 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Mark Curtis
Jimmy Valiant
The Hardyz & Venom (WWF cliq)
Natrone Steele
CW Anderson