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Cowboy Luttrall

Remembering Cowboy Luttrall

Title History


Career Highlights


  • 1949 (?): Clarence P. Luttrall took over the Tampa (Florida) wrestling office..
  • 1961: Eddie Graham bought into the Florida office and the promotion became known as “Championship Wrestling from Florida”.
  • 1971: Cowboy Luttrall retired (although some would say he was forced out) from the promotional office in Florida….
  • March 11, 1980: Clarence P. Luttrall passed away..

    Crimson Mask wrote: 7/1/40, Luttrall is knocked out in the 4th round of a boxing match with 45-year-old ex-world heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey in Atlanta. The whole thing was a work and a wrestling angle starting with the usual altercation when Dempsey was refereeing a Luttrall match and which attracted mainstream press attention and was taken seriously by many. Luttrall appeared to have, and may actually have, taken a tremendous pounding from Dempsey. The ’bout’ was refereed by Ring magazine publisher Nat Fleischer, who misspelled Cowboy’s name as ‘Luttrell’ in his accounts of the fight which is probably why it is usually misspelled to this day. Exactly two weeks later, Dempsey KOed Bull Curry in Detroit in the 2nd round of another ‘boxing match’.



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March 27, 1906


Originally from Texas??
Lived and worked in Florida




225 lbs

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Notable Feuds

Ralph Garibaldi
Jack Dempsey