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Curtis Petersen

Title History


Career Highlights


  • Though usually a singles wrestler, Petersen teamed on occasion with a man named Joe Banech..
  • 1951: Spike Petersen died from an injury received in the ring in Richland Center, Wisconsin..
  • ~~~When an airplane spin ended up landing him flat on the top of his head and suffered a broken neck..
  • ~~~Curtis “Spike” Petersen died in the hospital the next day from this injury..

    Dale Pierce wrote: Spike Petersen was extremely near-sighted and wore thick glasses outside the ring.. He had continual brushes with the law for minor offenses, especially for poor driving.. Once, a judge familiar with him in traffic court told him, “If you didn’t have to pay so much in fines, you could actually save the money you make wrestling” to which the wrestler replied “Judge, you could fit the money I make wrestling into a thimble” — Spike was also known to steal coal from the Milwaukee Road railroad yards, not to keep for hismelf, but to give to impverished people in his neighborhood. He was chased off the yard and reportedly even shot at and was at least one time, arrested for tresspassing there.



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Mt. Orab, Wisconsin




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Notable Feuds

Dishonest Abe
Jerome Mosberg
Al Stecher
Jimmy Demetral
Gorgeous George
Frank Wilzer