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Cyndi Lauper

Career Highlights

  • 1985: Cyndi Lauper (with Hulk Hogan as her “bodyguard”) won a Grammy Award in the Best New Artist category..
  • Cyndi Lauper appeared on “Piper’s Pit” with Captain Lou Albano, who started taking credit for Lauper’s entire music career..
  • December 28, 1984: Cyndi Lauper & manager David Wolff presented an award to Captain Lou Albano, who had changed his attitude.
  • ~~~Roddy Piper showed up and insulted Cyndi Lauper’s music and smashed the framed award over the head of Captain Lou Albano!
  • ~~~Cyndi Lauper was knocked over, and Roddy Piper slammed David Wolff, but quickly retreated after Hulk Hogan hit the ring..
  • Cyndi Lauper began appearing on WWF television as the sidekick of Wendy Richter against Leilani Kai & Fabulous Moolah..
  • February 18, 1985–War To Settle The Score: Lelani Kai defeated Wendi Richter w/Cyndi Lauper to win WWF Women’s title!
  • ~~~MAIN EVENT: Hulk Hogan (w/Cyndi Lauper & Captain Lou Albano) defeated Roddy Piper w/Bob Orton by Disqualification..
  • ~~~~~~~Hollywood Celebrity “Mr. T” was sitting in the front row and jumped the rail and came to Hulk Hogan’s rescue..
  • March 31, 1985–WrestleMania 1: Wendi Richter w/Cyndi Lauper defeated Leilani Kai to win the WWF Women’s title!
  • David Wolff produced “The Wrestling Album” for the WWF – Cyndi Lauper contributed using the alias “Mona Flambe”..
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December 28, 1984


June 22, 1953


Queens, New York





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Notable Feuds

Rowdy Roddy Piper,
Capt. Lou Albano,
The Fabulous Moolah,
Leilani Kai