Darkside Demons


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  • A.J. Petrucci wrote: I used to alternate the guys when I was training them so they could get equal time and the matches were still quality with myself as the veteran. We even did a promo with the Misfits rock band as the Dark Side Demons a few years back. We started at UWWA in New Jersey, then worked USWF, Bob Baily from New York’s MEWF, Mike Whipwreck from Maryland, and various others until the guys had enough ring time. We even had some heat in MEWF, when we refused to take the hoods off one show. Sandman and New Jack thought we were Nash and Hall. It was almost like when WWF asked we do the Fracture Fransberg, a masked character gimmick, all the top guys were hot as hell to have a no-name going over on them for about 6 months.