Dick The Bruiser Jr.

[A Portrait of Dick the Bruiser]

Title History


  • MPW (Mayham Pro Wrestling) Tag Team titles w/Mike Jezzknowski defeated Sheik of Baghdad & Russian Assassin (February 19, 2005);


Career History


  • Tim Replogle wrestled as “Golden Lion” for 20 years before marrying Dick The Bruiser’s daughter and becoming “Dick The Bruiser Jr.”..
  • Tim Replogle pays Mrs. Afflis (the original Bruiser’s wife) $100 a year to wrestler under the Dick the Bruiser Jr. name ..
  • February 26, 2005–WWA: Dick the Bruiser Jr. & High Voltage vs Russian Brute & Russian Assassin was a Double DQ..
  • February 27, 2005–WWA: Russian Brute & Russian Assassin defeated Dick the Bruiser Jr. & High Voltage by DQ..
  • June 13, 2007–AWA WrestleRace 7.0: Dick The Bruiser Jr. w/Bruiser Dog defeated Salvatore Sincere w/Russian Brute
  • June 14, 2006–AWA World Wide: Dick the Bruiser Jr. defeated Frankie DeFalco….
  • July 28, 2006–International Wrestling Alliance: Bobo Brazil Jr. & Dick the Bruiser Jr. defeated Rob Kincaid & Sparky