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Don Arnold

Title History


  • MWA (Ohio) Eastern States Heavyweight title defeating Bill Miller (August 15, 1952);
  • AWA (Ohio) World Heavyweight title defeating Bill Miller (September 2, 1952);
  • AWA (Ohio) World Heavyweight title defeating Buddy Rogers (January ??, 1953);
  • (Arizona) Western States Heavyweight title defeating ???????? (November 30, 1960);
  • NWA (Los Angeles) Americas Tag Team titles w/Mr. Wrestling defeating Reuben Juarez & Raul Reyes (December 7, 1973);


Career History

Phoenix, Arizona – Legendary Heel:

  • Don Arnold made a brief comeback in 1970s as “Dr Death” under a mask in Los Angeles, California..
  • Don Arnold was supposedly the “uncle” of hated Arizona villain Jody Arnold, though really no relation..Retirement:
  • Don Arnold is still alive at the age of 80 and lives in a nudist colony..
  • Don Arnold is the author of the book “Basic Nudism” by Alternative Press..
  • Don Arnold is also a motivational speaker, licensed hypnotist, has a PHD in education, former high school teacher & wrestling coach..
  • Don Arnold is a vowed atheist and member of numerous atheist groups in southern California..
  • 2004: Don Arnold lost much of his personal wrestling memorabilia during the major wildfires in California..
  • ~~~The fires destroyed the nudist colony in Southern California where he was living at the time..



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Trained By







Finishing Move(s)

Airplane spin

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

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Johnny Valentine
Buddy Rogers
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