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Donn Lewin

Title History


  • (Maryland) American Tag Team titles w/Mark Lewin defeating ???????? (March ??, 1956);
  • (Maryland) American Tag Team titles w/Mark Lewin defeating Don & Ray Stevens (March 20, 1956);
  • NWA (Georgia) International Tag Team titles w/Mark Lewin defeating Chief Big Heart & Red McIntyre (February 8, 1957);


Career History


  • Donn Lewin is the legitimate brother of wrestler Mark Lewin and wrestler/author/illustrator Ted Lewin..
  • December 18, 2010: Donn Lewin passed away at the age of 84 in Hawaii..

    Dr. Mike Lano wrote (December 21, 2010): Donny Lewin (and we still fondly call his brothers [Mark] “Marky” as well as [Ted] “Teddy”) had two very distinct but well-blended sides in being both very serious when the need arose, but also primarily fun-loving and free spirited. He said he definitely mellowed thanks to living in the peaceful islands. He dearly loved his brothers and the business, but was also ok in leaving the latter. He often spoke of how all the bumps, bruises and hardway accidents had left many friends of his crippled and in walkers, and he never wanted that. “I can live vicariously now watching footage of Marky still working. He amazes me.”


Mark’s own developed love of Hawaii came from visiting brother Donn at home there and Mark and his genius booker longtime friend Kevin Sullivan did their best to help run and make a successful effort for Lia Maivia when they worked for her bringing in Sheik, Jerry Lawler, Frank Goodish and tons of NJPW stars like Kengo Kimura and “Dragon” Tatsumi Fujinami at the venerable HIC Arena known from the 80’s on, as the reborn Blaisdale Arena. The HIC was the site of several outstanding Ed Francis/Lord “Tallyho” James Blears cards I shot in the early 70’s with stars showing up on their way to/from All and New Japan(Big Time Championship Wrestling as promoted by Ed and James ran in the 60’s and 70’s and helped make Rikidozan a legend beyond his work in Japan and Los Angeles). And it was no different decades later thanks to the Lewin Family for Lia’s Hawaiin Championship Wrestling.

The Three fabulous Lewin Brothers didn’t have as many 6 man tag events as we all would’ve loved to see from them (one classic stands out against Dr Big Bill, Danny and Ed Miller as well as Donn and Ted against the amazin’ Tolos Boys) but each Lewin was distinctly unique and contributed much to pro wrestling, literature and life in general. The rare Cauliflower Alley Club events Donn attended were highlighted by his presence and we mourn his passing. In a filmed interview at a CAC in Los Angeles, Donny said “at least one thing about me was the guys I worked with in the biz never complained about there being “light.” Now our Donn is passing through it. RIP Donn Lewin. Wrestling is a sadder place today with your passing.


Social Media


Trained By

Jim "the goon" Henry


1951 Toronto


April 1, 1926


Now lives in Hawaii





230 lbs

Finishing Move(s)

Sleeper Hold

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Johnny Fargo (Greg Valentine)
Karl Von Hess
Tommy Bradley
Eddie Graham
Dr Jerry Graham
Buddy Rogers