Donna Christanello

Title History


  • NWA World Women’s Tag Team titles w/Toni Rose (1970);


Career History


  • As tag team champions, Donna Christanello & Toni Rose were in a stable with World women’s champion The Fabulous Moolah..
  • January 8, 1970: Donna Christantello defeated Rita Boucher in Amercus Georgia..
  • 1972–Superbowl of Wrestling: Donna Christanello & Toni Rose defeated Sandy Parker & Debbie Johnson to retain their Tag Titles..
  • October 1974: Joyce Grable & Vicki Williams defeated Donna Christanello & Toni Rose for their titles in New York City..
  • WWE Survivor Series 1987: Donna Christanello wrestled on Sherri Martel‘s team for a Survivor Series Elimination match..
  • August 2011: Donna Christanello passed away at the age of 69 in Pittsburgh possibly due to a heart attack..