Doug Hepburn

Title History


  • World Weightlifting Champion in Stockholm (1953);
  • British Empire Games Gold Medal in Vancouver (1954);


Career History


  • Doug Hepburn was born in Vancouver with a mild club (right) foot (caused by childhood polio) and a eye ailment (cross-eyed) ..
  • Doug Hepburn decided as a boy to surmount his disabilities by training with weights, wanting to become the World’s Strongest Man..
  • Doug Hepburn was considered the Strongest Man in the World for a few years until Paul Anderson came along..
  • Doug Hepburn is known as the grandfather of modern “power weightlifting”..
  • 1953: Doug Hepburn was World Weightlifting Champion in Stockholm, Sweden..
  • 1954: Doug Hepburn won the gold medal in the British Empire Games in Vancouver..
  • Doug Hepburn was pprobably the first man to unofficially bench press 500 pounds and once actually took a shot at 600..
  • Doug Hepburn went on to become an eloquent advocate for drug-free sport, and he made a reputation as an inventor..
  • Doug Hepburn also became well-known as a singer and for his own compositions, including the Hepburn Carol, a Christmas favorite..