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Dr. Death

[ Mourning Paul Lincoln ]

Title History

Career History

  • Dr. Death was one of the biggest draws in Britian and he did this without extensive TV coverage..
  • Mid 1960s: Dr. Death defeated and unmasked The White Angel (Lord Al Hayes) in Australia….
  • Late 1960s: Dr. Death formed deadly tag teams with The Outlaw (American) & Kendo Nagasaki forming a sort of masked triumvirate..
  • Paul Lincoln was also an extremley successful club owner and music promoter as well as a boxing and wrestling promoter.
  • Paul Lincoln even promoted boxing on the Isle of Malta.
  • January 11, 2011: Paul Lincoln passed away at the age of 78 in Southampton after battling Parkinson’s disease and cancer..

    Robert Louis Howell wrote: In 1969, Dr. Death defeated Chief Thunderbird in Widnes. Dr. Death won an Early round with a Boston Crab. Thunderbird won a subsequent round when the referee blocked Deaths attempt at a head scissors and he dropkicked the official out of the way. The referee tied Dr. Death in the ropes and beat him semi-conscious and Thunderbird flat pressed him. Death won the match with a folding press in the final round.


Same night Dr. Death saved Orig Williams from Klondyke Bills Backbreaker submission hold when Bill refused to release. This set up one of many matches in which Death and Bill would bet high stakes like deaths mask and Bills retirement. Since neither unmasked or retired respectively these matches were most likely inconclusive.

Brian Dixon frequently claimed Dr. Death, Kendo Nagasaki and The Outlaw were respectively undefeated. Apparently both Death and Nagasaki has actually lost to Bill Robinson but continued to bill themselves as unbeaten.

Dr. Death and the White Angel (Al Hayes) also feuded across the UK.

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Trained By




Born in Sydney, Australia
Lived in the United Kingdom





Finishing Move(s)

Boston Crab

Favorite Move(s)

Folding Press
Various Nerve Holds

Notable Feuds

Klondyke Bill
Chief Thunderbird
Mighty Chang
The Wild Man of Borneo
Wayne Bridges
Steve Logan
Mike Marino