Earl McCready

Title History


  • (New Zealand) British Empire title (2:1935-53);
  • (Toronto) British Empire title (2:1941-42);
  • (San Francisco) Pacific Coast title (1945);


Career History


  • Earl McCready was born in Lansdowne, Ontario, but grew up in Amulet, Saskatchewan..
  • Earl McCready was a 3-time U.S. national intercollegiate heavyweight champion (1928-30) while attending Oklahoma A&M..
  • Earl McCready won a gold medal at the 1930 Empire Games (now Commonwealth Games)..
  • Earl McCready allegedly learned to wrestle after purchasing a book called “How to Handle Big Men With Ease”..
  • Earl McCready became the first-ever winner of three-straight NCAA wrestling championships, from 1928 to 1930..
  • 1928: Earl McCready was the Canadian flag bearer at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam..
  • 1930: Earl McCready captured a Gold Medal in Freestyle (Heavyweight) at the first British Empire Games in Hamilton, Ontario..
  • 1933: Earl McCready defeated Jack Taylor (10 year reign!) to win the British Empire championship..
  • 1938: Earl McCready is said to have been in the first televised wrestling match in Britain, defeating Rube Wright at the Crystal Palace..
  • January 27, 1949: Earl McCready (wrestling under a mask as Mr. X) was unmasked in Toronto Canada..
  • Early 1950s: Earl McCready became a HUGE star in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling promotion in Calgary..
  • 1958: Earl McCready wrestled his final match at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens..
  • Earl McCready retired after a 28 year career and moved to Edmonds, Washington where he ran a massage parlour..
  • September 4, 1967: Earl McCready was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame..
  • March 31, 1973: Earl McCready was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame..
  • Earl McCready is also inducted into the Stampede Wrestling HOF, Oklahoma HOF, Wrestling Observer HOF & US Wrestling HOF..
  • December 9, 1983: Earl McCready died in Seattle, Washington as a result of a heart attack..