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Earl McCready

Title History


  • (New Zealand) British Empire title (2:1935-53);
  • (Toronto) British Empire title (2:1941-42);
  • (San Francisco) Pacific Coast title (1945);


Career History


  • Earl McCready was born in Lansdowne, Ontario, but grew up in Amulet, Saskatchewan..
  • Earl McCready was a 3-time U.S. national intercollegiate heavyweight champion (1928-30) while attending Oklahoma A&M..
  • Earl McCready won a gold medal at the 1930 Empire Games (now Commonwealth Games)..
  • Earl McCready allegedly learned to wrestle after purchasing a book called “How to Handle Big Men With Ease”..
  • Earl McCready became the first-ever winner of three-straight NCAA wrestling championships, from 1928 to 1930..
  • 1928: Earl McCready was the Canadian flag bearer at the Olympic Games in Amsterdam..
  • 1930: Earl McCready captured a Gold Medal in Freestyle (Heavyweight) at the first British Empire Games in Hamilton, Ontario..
  • 1933: Earl McCready defeated Jack Taylor (10 year reign!) to win the British Empire championship..
  • 1938: Earl McCready is said to have been in the first televised wrestling match in Britain, defeating Rube Wright at the Crystal Palace..
  • January 27, 1949: Earl McCready (wrestling under a mask as Mr. X) was unmasked in Toronto Canada..
  • Early 1950s: Earl McCready became a HUGE star in Stu Hart’s Stampede Wrestling promotion in Calgary..
  • 1958: Earl McCready wrestled his final match at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens..
  • Earl McCready retired after a 28 year career and moved to Edmonds, Washington where he ran a massage parlour..
  • September 4, 1967: Earl McCready was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame..
  • March 31, 1973: Earl McCready was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame..
  • Earl McCready is also inducted into the Stampede Wrestling HOF, Oklahoma HOF, Wrestling Observer HOF & US Wrestling HOF..
  • December 9, 1983: Earl McCready died in Seattle, Washington as a result of a heart attack..



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Trained By



June 15, 1908


Born in Landsdowne, Ontario, Canada
Lived in Amulet, Saskatchewan, Canada
Retired in Edmonds, Washington




238 lbs.

Finishing Move(s)

Rolling Leg Cradle (submission)

Favorite Move(s)

Notable Feuds

Dick Shikat
Ed "Strangler" Lewis