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Eddie Watts

Career History


  • Eddie Watts debuted as a cocky rulebreaker for Central Canadian Pro Wrestling.
  • Eddie Watts was one half of the Super Bees with Carl Ouellet..
  • 1988-1989: Eddie Watts wrestled for Stampede Wrestling in Calgary..
  • Eddie Watts made many trips to the Maritimes with Emile Dupre’s Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling..
  • Eddie Watts wrestled in Puerto Rico alongside such men as Kerry Brown and Scott Hall..
  • Eddie Watts is credited with teaching Scott Hall how to punch!
  • 1990: Eddie Watts won the WWC Junior Heavyweight title.
  • Eddie Watts got blood poisoning from wrestling 22 barbed-wire matches in Puerto Rico in 23 days!
  • Eddie Watts has also wrestled in Mexico and Japan, recently teaming with Leatherface (Rick Patterson) as Steelface..
  • Eddie Watts can be found as a mid-card performer for the WFWA and River City Wrestling as the Tasmanian..
  • Eddie Watts tours Eastern Canada with Real Action Wrestling..
  • Eddie Watts’ trademark is that on every near fall, he sits up and yells “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!” at the referee..
  • Eddie Watts has suffered over TEN concussions in his career (so far)..
  • April 4, 2004: Eddie Watts beat Kenny Omega, Bruiser Bastien, Adam Knight & Chi Chi Cruz to win the Manitoba Pro Wrestling Invitational Tournament..
  • May 9, 2004–No Holds Barred Wrestling: Eddie Watts defeated The Karachi Vice in a handicap match..
  • October 30, 2004–Renegade Wrestling: “Evil” Eddie Watts squashed La Sombra..
  • December 11, 2004–Renegade Wrestling: Dream Warrior beat Eddie Watts | Wavell Starr beat Chi Chi Cruz..
  • December 12, 2004–Renegade Wrestling: Wavell Starr & Dream Warrior defeated Chi Chi Cruz & Eddie Watts..
  • February 4, 2006–Independent Wrestling Manitoba (Tournament): Eddie Watts beat EZ Ryder | Rob Stardom beat Eddie Watts..
  • March 31, 2006–High Impact Wrestling: Dream Warrior defeated Evil Eddie Watts …
  • September 16, 2006–Renegade Wrestling: Wavell Starr defeated “Evil” Eddie Watts…
  • ~~~Wavell Starr & Plum Loco defeated Principal Pound & Eddie Watts in the main event..


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Social Media


Trained By

Ernest Rheault


1986 - (Central Canadian Pro Wrestling)



Virden, Manitoba






Finishing Move(s)

"Evil" Eddie's leg drop from hell

Favorite Move(s)

Back and Vertical Suplex
Neck breaker
Hot shot

Notable Feuds

Massive Damage
Bobby Rude
Wildman Williams
Madman Williams