Emile Czaja

Title History

  • Australian Junior Heavyweight title;
  • All Asia Tag Team title w/Tiger Jokinder defeated Rikid?zan & Harold Sakata in a two out of three falls tournament final .. (November 16, 1955);

Career History

  • Emile Czaja began his mat career in India in 1937 and was given the “King Kong” name after playing that part in an Indian movie..
  • Emile Czaja wrestled regularly in Japan, Singapore, Europe, New Zealand & Australia..
  • Emile Czaja settled in Sydney after marrying a local girl named Ellie in 1956..
  • ~~~Emile Czaja continued to tour overseas using Australia as his base..
  • Emile Czaja wrestled Lou Thesz for the world title in Singapore, he was a big drawcard throughout Asia & India..
  • 1970: Emile Czaja died in a car crash on his way to a bout in Singapore..
  • ~~~Emile Czaja’s nephew wrestled in the United States as both Bob Nandor & Czaja Nandor..