Eric The Red

Title History


  • NWF (Cleveland/Buffalo) North American Heavyweight title defeating Johnny Powers (Febuary 17, 1973);
  • WWC (World Wrestling Council) Puerto Rican Heavyweight title defeating Jose Rivera (December 25, 1976);
  • NWA Florida Tag Team titles w/Pak Song defeating Bobby Duncum Sr. & Killer Karl Kox (October 14, 1978);


Career History


  • August 1, 1934: Solvang Hansen was born in Odense, Denmark and emigrated to Canada in the Mid-50s..
  • Solvang Hansen began wrestling with a straight Viking gimmick as a heel known as Eric the Red..
  • ~~~Eric the Red wore viking horns and was billed from Denmark..
  • Late 1960s: Eric the Red wrestled for Frank Tunney in Maple Leaf Wrestling based out of Toronto, Canada..
  • Early 1970s: Eric the Red rose to prominence with Pedro Martinez’s NWF in Buffalo and Cleveland..
  • 1973: Eric the Red became a stronger heel as Eric the Animal, carrying a bone to the ring..
  • ~~~The bone would be hung on the turnbuckle and be available when the referee’s back was turned..
  • 1973: Eric the Red defeated Johnny Powers for the NWF North American title, losing it back to him a few weeks later..
  • 1973: Eric the Red dad main event matches at Maple Leaf Gardens against The Sheik and NWA world champion Jack Brisco..
  • November 1978: Eric the Red held the Florida tag titles with Pak Song when he was killed after being hit by a car..
  • ~~~Solvang Hansen left behind a wife (Ignor) and five kids (who still live in Canada) at the time of his death..Special thanks to Anja Pedersen, a relative of Solvang Hansen for helping with the details of this profile..

    Bruce Metcalfe wrote: …I grew up in Grimsby Ontario in the 70’s,which was a homebase for many wrestlers.Mr. Hansen (Eric the Red) lived in one of the large older red brick house in East Grimsby.I can’t recall ever seeing him in town though.


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