Erich Froelich

Title History


  • NWA Americas Tag Team titles w/Reuben Juarez defeating Kinji Shibuya & Masa Saito (June 1972);


Career History


  • 1956: Erich Froelich left Germany to avoid being drafted by the army — he landed in British Columbia in December..
  • Erich Froelich worked out with the gymnastics squad at the University of British Columbia..
  • Erich Froelich was introduced to the world of professional wrestling by promoter Rod Fenton..
  • Erich Froelich was a rarity in the 1960s, a German wrestler wrestling as a barefoot fan favorite!
  • Erich Froelich was soon working for Al Tomko’s All-Star Wrestling promotion in British Columbia..
  • Erich Froelich often went on tours of Japan, and went to Australia twice, as well as Hawaii, Fiji, Puerto Rico, and England..
  • ~~~Erich Froelich also made stops in Toronto, Texas and California..
  • 1961: Erich Froelich became a Canadian citizen..
  • December 1981: Erich Froelich retired from wrestling..
  • 1997: Erich Froelich had hip-replacement surgery, then had both knees replaced a year later!