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Floyd Creatchman

[Floyd Creatchman dead at 46]

Wrestlers that “The Brain” has managed:
Steve Strong (Disalvo)
Pretty Boy Simms
King Tonga
Hercules Ayala
Bruiser Brody
Sweet Dady Siki
The Great Samu
Richard Charland
Sheik Ali

Title History


Career History


  • “Pretty Boy” Floyd Creachman was the son of legendary manager Eddie “The Brain” Creatchman..
  • 1985: “Pretty Boy” Floyd Creatchman transitioned from wrestler to heel manager, just as his father was leaving the business..
  • ~~~Floyd’s stable included Hercules Ayala, Sweet Daddy Siki, Pretty Boy Simms, The Great Samu, Richard Charland and Sheik Ali..
  • October 25, 2003: Floyd Creatchman passed away after a long battle with chrons disease – nine years after his father died..

    Eric Poirier wrote: Floyd had a brief in-ring wrestling career in the U.S. but I have never found any infos about that. What I do know is that when he first arrived in International Wrestling in Montreal he immediately targetted Gino Brito Jr. – that was back in 1984. He first wrestled both Brito’s (Father and Son) in a tag match with Sailor White, and one week later Floyd wrestled Gino Brito Jr. in a one on one match and Brito soundly defeated him. Floyd Creachman came back as a manager back in 1985 taking his father’s place for a short period of time while The Brain was on the shelf due to an injury. Floyd managed, sadistic Steve Strong (Disalvo), King Tonga (Later dealed to Tarzan the Bot Taylor), Sweet Dady Siki, The Great Samu (Wild samoan 3/Headshrinker Samu), Bruiser Brody and Pretty Boy Simms as well as Richard Charland and Sheik Ali (Stephen Petitpas). Floyd was also intrumental in bringing the Long Riders in Montreal and other big name heels in the territory to help his father. He also hosted a Piper’s Pit type segment in a show called Lutte Internationale (International Wrestling), for a little while before the promotion folded. Sadly Pretty Boy Floyd passed away after a long battle with Chrons disease on October 25 2003, nine years after his father Eddie The Brain Creatchman. Personally, I grew up watching him on international wrestling and it was always a blast to see him. He also called himself a “Wrestling Sports Agent” intead of manager.



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Early 1980s (wrestler) 1985 (manager)



Detroit, Michigan




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Notable Feuds

Gino Brito Jr.
Dino Bravo